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By Way of a Prologue vii

The Continuing Adventures of Mr Ross Hall, Esq.

(& Madam Zell)


A Critical Consciousness: Heinrich von Kleist


Being Nice to Nietzsche


Shelf-Life: Varieties of the Aphorism


Scheherezade in Vienna: Joseph Roth


Berlin Diary 1989


A Jolly Good Show: How the British Saw Their Empire 63 Overwhelmed by Aura 71 Politics and Aesthetics: Harry Graf Kessler,

Eugene Jolas, Wolfgang Koeppen


‘You Must Change Your Life’: A Letter from Kakania 94 Bile with Style 102 The Future of the Walk 107 Cinema Verities 118 Candour and Hygiene: Louis-Ferdinand Céline 129 Third Person to Herself: Marguerite Duras 143 Believing in Architecture: Berlin since 1870 149 The Last Culture Broth: Bernard Pivot’s Bookshow 156 Windfowl and Their Advantages 164 Kafka and America 171 Paris, France: An Afternoon with Mavis Gallant 188 Russia and the End of Time 198 Next Year in Jerusalem: Britain in Palestine 208

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