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The Real Politics of the Horn of Africa Money, War and the Business of Power ALEX DE WAAL Tufts University ‘The foremost Western analyst of the Horn of Africa, Alex de Waal provides a superb account of the region’s highly interdependent and often troubling politics. He combines an anthropologist’s attention to local contexts with a political economist’s analysis of transnational entanglements of markets, power struggles, and war. Often disturbing, even though de Waal seeks reasons to be hopeful, but a must read.’ Craig Calhoun, London School of Economics and Political Science ‘An outstanding book. The author’s knowledge of the topic and region is unrivalled, and enlivened and enlightened by his personal experience and anecdotes.’ Pádraig Carmody, Trinity College, Dublin The Real Politics of the Horn of Africa delves into the business of politics in the turbulent, war-torn countries of north-east Africa. It is a contemporary history of how politicians, generals and insurgents bargain over money and power, and use violence to achieve their goals. 229 x 152mm / 280 pages / 2015 978-0-7456-9557-0 hb £55.00, $69.95, €79.90 / 978-0-7456-9558-7 pb £16.99, $24.95, €24.90 ebook available

The Horn of Africa KIDANE MENGISTEAB The Pennsylvania State University ‘Kidane Mengisteab has produced an excellent book which explains with clarity and insight the root causes of the myriad conflicts ravaging the Greater Horn of Africa and suggests manageable courses of action for averting greater human tragedy in this deeply troubled region.’ Mohammed Hassen, Georgia State University SERIES: Hot Spots in Global Politics 216 x 138mm / 288 pages / 2013 978-0-7456-5121-7 hb £55.00, $69.95, €79.90 / 978-0-7456-5122-4 pb £15.99, $22.95, €23.90 ebook available

Congo THOMAS TURNER Virginia Commonwealth University ‘This study is a remarkably compact and honest summary of incredibly complex events in Congo since 1998. Turner is among a handful of Congo observers with the breadth of knowledge and confidence to distill the country’s recent history in such an excellent manner. His digest of both the causes and consequences of Congo’s recent tragedies will stimulate the thinking of laymen, students, and scholars alike.’ John F. Clark, Florida International University SERIES: Hot Spots in Global Politics 216 x 138mm / 264 pages / 2013 978-0-7456-4843-9 hb £50.00, $64.95, €65.90 / 978-0-7456-4844-6 pb £15.99, $22.95, €23.90 ebook available

The Force of Obedience The Political Economy of Repression in Tunisia BÉATRICE HIBOU CNRS, Paris Translated by Andrew Brown ‘Hibou’s highly original study shows what North Africans revolted against in 2011. Her analysis of the politics of fear and repression in Ben Ali’s Tunisia is unrivalled, particularly for her focus on the regime’s destabilizing interventions in everyday economic life. This book is destined to become a classic.’ Keith Hart, Goldsmiths, University of London 229 x 152mm / 408 pages / 2011 978-0-7456-5179-8 hb £60.00, $79.95, €87.90 / 978-0-7456-5180-4 pb £19.99, $29.95, €28.90 ebook available

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