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Habermas A Biography STEFAN MÜLLER-DOOHM University of Oldenburg, Germany Translated by Daniel Steuer After years of research and conversations with colleagues, peers and Habermas himself, Stefan Müller-Doohm presents a vivid portrait of one of the great public intellectuals of our time. Habermas emerges not only as a unique thinker, but also as a rigorous critic of society’s failings and active participant in key public debates over the years. 229 x 152 mm / 456 pages / Sept 2016 UK / Oct 2016 US 978-0-7456-8906-7 hb £25.00, €36.90, $35.00 ebook available


Postmetaphysical Thinking II JÜRGEN HABERMAS Translated by Ciaran Cronin In this volume of previously unpublished material, Habermas continues his exploration of the post-Hegelian challenge posed to the position of philosophy by science and societal change, arguing that ‘postmetaphysical thinking’, based on the idea that philosophy does not have a privileged access to the truth, represents the only viable response. 229 x 152 mm / 272 pages / Nov 2016 UK / Dec 2016 US 978-0-7456-8214-3 hb £55.00, €79.90, $69.95 978-0-7456-8215-0 pb £17.99, €25.90, $24.95 ebook available

Habermas and Religion EDITED BY CRAIG CALHOUN, EDUARDO MENDIETA & JONATHAN VAN ANTERWERPEN LSE; Stony Brook University; Social Science Research Council ‘This groundbreaking book contains a number of penetrating and insightful essays on Habermas’s recent work, and on the meaning of the secular and of postsecularism. A stellar collection, with papers of a very high quality.’ Charles Taylor, Professor Emeritus, McGill University Habermas and Religion presents a series of original and sustained engagements with Habermas’s writing on religion in the public sphere, featuring new work and critical reflections from leading philosophers, social and political theorists, and anthropologists. 229 x 152mm / 488 pages / 2013 978-0-7456-5326-6 hb £60.00, €87.90, $79.95 978-0-7456-5327-3 pb £19.99, €28.90, $29.95 ebook available

An Awareness of What is Missing Faith and Reason in a PostSecular Age JÜRGEN HABERMAS ET AL Translated by Ciaran Cronin ‘Social scientists spent most of the past century trying to work out why the world was failing to live up to their expectations: why was there still so much rural idiocy, and why was religion refusing to go away? No one has brought more intellectual heft to these problems than Jürgen Habermas.’ Jonathan Rée, New Humanist In 2007 Habermas conducted a debate, entitled ‘An Awareness of What Is Missing’, with philosophers from the Jesuit School for Philosophy. This volume includes Habermas’s essay, the contributions of his interlocutors and Habermas’s reply to them. 216 x 138mm / 96 pages / 2010 978-0-7456-4720-3 hb £45.00, €65.90, $49.95 978-0-7456-4721-0 pb £12.99, €18.90, $14.95 ebook available

Between Naturalism and Religion Philosophical Essays JÜRGEN HABERMAS Translated by Ciaran Cronin 229 x 152mm / 368 pages / 2008 978-0-7456-3824-9 hb £60.00, €87.90, $79.95 978-0-7456-3825-6 pb £18.99, €27.90, $26.95 ebook available

Religion and Rationality Essays on Reason, God and Modernity JÜRGEN HABERMAS Edited by Eduardo Mendieta, Stony Brook University 229 x 152mm / 184 pages / 2002 978-0-7456-2486-0 hb £50.00, €73.90 978-0-7456-2487-7 pb £15.99, €23.90 NOT FOR SALE IN THE AMERICAS

When Our World Became Christian 312–394 PAUL VEYNE Collège de France Translated by Janet Lloyd 210 x 140mm / 256 pages / 2010 978-0-7456-4498-1 hb £55.00, €79.90, $69.95 978-0-7456-4499-8 pb £17.99, €25.90, $29.95 ebook available

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