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Contents lavery and Its Legacies: Remembering Labour Exploitation in the Francophone World 1

Nicola Frith and Kate Hodgson

The Limits of Memorialization: Commemoration, Musealization and Patrimony Representing the Slave Past: The Limits of Museographical and Patrimonial Discourses 25

Christine Chivallon Telling Stories of Slavery: Cultural Re-appropriations of Slave Memory in the French Caribbean Today 49

Catherine Reinhardt The Art of Reconciliation: The Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery in Nantes 68

Nicola Frith Shaping Representations of the Past in a Former Slave-Trade Port: Slavery Remembrance Day (10 May) in Nantes 90

Renaud Hourcade Haiti and the Memorial Discourses of Slavery after 1804

Kate Hodgson



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