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ANDREW ADONIS is public policy editor of the Financial Times

ANN BARR co-wrote The Official Foodie Handbook with Paul Levy

RUDI BOGNI is chief executive of Swiss Bank Corporation in London

PHILIP BOWRING is a writer living in Hong Kong

JOHN CARR is a management consultant

JEREMY CLARKE is a regular contributor to the London Quarterly

ANDREW COWLEY is a Moscow banker

ALEKSA DJILAS lives in Belgrade. He wrote The Contested Country: Yugoslav Unity and Communist Revolution, 1919-53

BRIAN GLANVILLE has been a sports writer for almost half a century

CHARLES GRANT is defence correspondent of The Economist. He wrote a biography of Jacques Delors— The House that Jacques Built

SUSAN GREENBERG is editor of IVorldLink, ' the World Economic Forum magazine. She is writing in a personal capacity

DOMINIC HOBSON co-wrote Saturn’s Children, a sceptical look at the welfare state

SARAH HOGG ran John Major’s policy unit from 1990-95. Her new book, Too Close to Call, is out next month

RW JOHNSON has returned to South Africa after 30 years at Oxford teaching politics

ANDREW MARR is chief political writer on the Independent. His book Ruling Britannia is just out

DOUGLAS MCWILLIAMS is chief executive of the Centre for Economics and Business Research Ltd

GEOFF MULGAN is head of the Demos think-tank

TOM NAIRN lectures in sociology at Edinburgh University

MARK PRAGNELL works at the Centre for Economics and Business Research Ltd

CHRISTOPHER PRICE was principal of Leeds Metropolitan University and previously chairman of the House of Commons Select Committee on Education, Science and the Arts

FREDERIC RAPHAEL has written numerous screenplays. His new novel, Old Scores, is out in October

ALAN RYAN is professor of politics at Princeton. He will take up the post of Warden of New College, Oxford, in October 1997

AMARTYA SEN is professor of economics and philosophy at Harvard. His book India: Economic Development and Social Opportunity co-authored with Jean Dreze is out next month

ROBERT SKIDELSKY is professor of political economy at Warwick University and chairman of the Social Market Foundation



12 JELLYROLLS AND ALLIGATOR SPREADS RUDI BOGNI Has banking become a branch of applied mathematics?

1 4 JOBS FOR THE BOY ANDREW ADONIS argues that Prime M in ister Blair should find tim e to be his own Secretary o f State for Education.

18 DEAD SOULS ANDREW COWLEY Life expectancy for Russian men is now shorter than it was under Stalin.

20 ENTER THE ALUMNI CHILDREN ALAN RYAN finds affirmative action working for the American “overclass.”

22 THE MILKMAN THEORY OF CIVILISATION SUSAN GREENBERG explains why she decided to m arry England.

Running the bank. Page 12

Issue one October 1995

Pre-emptive strikes? Page 36

2 4 WHAT IF?... TOM NAIRN wonders how much more European Britain m ight have been had the Jacobites won at Culloden.

2 6 MODERN MANNERS ANN BARR visits the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery and finds delegates looking forward to an Oxford Chair of Gastronomy.

TITLE PIECE 2 8 WRONGS AND RIGHTS IN DEVELOPMENT AMARTYA SEN Can developing countries enjoy fast economic growtli and political freedom? Sen considers the case of India and China and how they can learn from each o th ers’ strengths and weaknesses.


3 6 THE YUGOSLAV TRAGEDY ALEKSA DJILAS looks back at three years of bitter conflict in the Balkans and suggests that the well-intentioned attem pt by the west to prevent the partitioning of Bosnia was condemned to failure from the start. He argues that all previous a ttem pts at creating multi-ethnic states have failed.

2 PROSPECT October 1995

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