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PAUL BARKER is a former editor of New Society and a senior fellow of the Institute of Community Studies

PAUL BILIC is a freelance writer living between Paris and London

JOHN BROWNING is executive editor of Wired, UK

HILARY BURDEN is the former deputy editor of Cosmopolitan

JOHN CAREY is Merton Professor of English Literature at Oxford University. He has recently edited The FaberBook of Science

JOHN CARR is still a management consultant

BRUCE CLARK is diplomatic correspondent of the Financial Times. His latest book, The Empire’s New Clothes, has just been published

JEREMY CLARKE is a mature student living in Glasgow

LESLEY DOWNER hasjust published in paperback The Brothers: The Saga of Japans Richest Family

DAVID GARDNER is the middle east editor of the Financial Times

ERNEST GELLNER is director of research at the European Centre for the Study of Nationalism, in Prague

MARTIN HARRIS is currently editing a book on technology, culture, and organisation

ROBERT HAUPT is former Moscow correspondent on the Sydney Morning Herald

JOHN LLOYD is currently writing a book about Russia

GORDON MARSHALL is a fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford

ANNE MCELVOY is a senior writer on The Times

ROSALIND MILES is a writer and broadcaster

CONOR O'CLERY is Washington correspondent for the Irish Times

DANIEL PASSENT is one of Poland's leading political commentators

CHRIS PATTEN is Governor of Hong Kong w G RUNCIMAN is a senior research fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and chairman of Andrew Weir & Co. Ltd

GARY SOLIS lectures in criminal law at the LSE, and commented on the OJ Simpson trial for Sky news

ADAM SWIFT is a fellow in politics and sociology at Balliol College, Oxford

STEPHEN TINDALE is a research fellow of the Institute for Public Policy Research

CHRISTOPHER TOOKEY is film critic for the Daily Mail

MARTIN WALKER is the Washington editor of the Guardian

ROBERT WINDER is a writer and critic on the Independent


OPENINGS 4 LETTERS 6 CURIOSITIES News snippets. 10 THE END OF THE IMPERIAL PRESIDENCY MARTIN WALKER looks at the rise of the American right and the fall of big government after the end of the cold war. 14 THE PRIZE IS RIGHT PAUL BILIC AND ROBERT WINDER consider which is better— the British Booker award or the French Prix GoncourtP

Literary judges. Page 14 16 SOULS AT THE POLLS DANIEL PASSENT Ninety-five per cent of Poles are Catholic, but how Catholic is Poland's new democracy? 18 THE SEX AND SHOPPING GLAND HILARY BURDEN on why women’s magazines are letting women down and who is responsible. 20 DEBATE: SNAIL-MAIL ON THE SUPERHIGHWAY JOHN BROWNING AND MARTIN HARRIS exchange letters about the information superhighway and its effects on our lives.

Issue two November 1995

Obscurely betrayed. Page 32

ESSAYS 2 4 RUSSIAN ROULETTE BRUCE CLARK Russia is becoming increasingly difficult for the west to read as it reverts to old traditions of Muscovite statecraft, with its bluff and brinkmanship. 3 2 THE MISERABLE REGIMENT OF WOMEN ROSALIND MILES investigates why Superwoman is sick and tired of “having to do it a l l” Can she find a solution, or at least someone to blame? 3 8 A TALE OF TWO CULTURES JOHN CAREY marvels at the wonders of science and those who write about it. He cannot understand how anyone can claim that Martin Amis knows as much about science as Richard Dawkins. 4 4 PAY AS YOU EARN WG RUNCIMAN provides some philosophical background to the never-ending dispute over top people's pay,

and decides that we are all confused or hypocritical.

More please. Page 44

2 PROSPECT November 1995

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