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GRAHAM ALLISON is the director of the Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University

PAUL BARKER is the former editor of New Society

IAN BLACK was Jerusalem correspondent of the Guardian

JOHN CARR is amanagement consultant

LESLEY CHAMBERLAIN is the author of Volga, Volga, now out in paperback

JEREMY CLARKE is a mature student. He is currently writing his autobiography

MARCELLE D’ARGY SMITH is a freelance writer, journalist and broadcaster

VICTOR DE LA SERNA is deputy editor of the Spanish newspaper El Mundo

REGIS DEBRAY is author of a forthcoming book on the psychology of power

RICHARD FALKENRATH is executive director of the Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University

RICHARD FREEMAN is professor of economics at Harvard University

IAN GILMOUR was aCabinet member in the Heath and Thatcher governments

DAVID HANNAY is a former British ambassador to the EU and the UN

PAUL HIRST is co-author of Globalisation in Question, to bepublished in February

MARK IRVING is ajournalist and abroadcaster

MARC JORDAN is apublisher of art books j PETER KELLNER writes for the Sunday Times

KIT McMAHON is a former deputy governor of the Bank of England

JOHN McVICAR is awriter living in London

JOHN MADDOX has just retired as editor of Nature magazine

ALLAN MASSIE is an author and journalist. His most recent novel is King David

EDWARD PEARCE is working on a forthcoming book Winning Near the Goal

RACHEL POLONSKY is a research fellow at Emmanuel College, Cambridge

MICHAEL PYE is the author of The Drowning Room, a novel set in New Amsterdam

ROBERT REICH is US Secretary of Labour

MARTIN ROSENBAUM is a freelance journalist

IAN STEWART is the author of popular science books

DEYAN SUDJIC is the director of the 1999 Glasgow Festival of Architecture and Design

CHRISTOPHER TOOKEY is film critic for the Daily Mail

ADAM ZEMAN is a neurologist at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge

2 PROSPECT February 1996

Prosped: OPENINGS 4 LETTERS Frederic Raphael on Ernest Gellner. 7 CURIOSITIES 8 ALPHA AND OMEGA JOHN MADDOX on how the Universe may be younger than some of its parts.

Seeing stars. Page 8

10 EVAPORATING WETS IAN GILMOUR says the Major government has drifted to the right of Thatcher. 12 HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE REGIS DEBRAY on Francois Mitterrand’s shameless striptease act. 15 OPERA HOUSE BLUES EDWARD PEARCE on why Virginia Bottomley is right about one thing. 16 FIG LEAF DEMOCRACY IAN BLACK on the democratic hopes for a nascent Palestinian state.

Issue five February 1996

Worse than Watergate? Page 18

18 SPANISH PRACTICES VICTOR DE LA SERNA on how the past is catching up with Felipe Gonzalez. 20 BIG, BORING, APPLE MICHAEL PYE explains why New Yorkers feel improved to death. 21 CARTESIAN ILLS ADAM ZEMAN on misplaced distinctions between the physical and the psychological.

ESSAYS 24 SWEET DREAMS JOHN McVICAR saw his mother die in terrible pain and wants the rest of us to be better prepared. He believes we should challenge the many taboos associated with morphine.

Scrap that. Page 15

Hitting back. Page 29

29 GLOBALONEY PAUL HIRST The advocates of economic globalisation dominate the airwaves. Let’s hope that they are wrong.

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