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ANNE APPLEBAUM is a columnist on the Evening Standard

DUNCAN CAMPBELL is crime correspondent of the Guardian and author of The Underworld

JOHN CARR is amanagement consultant

JEREMY CLARKE is a freelance writer

MATTHEW D’ANCON A is deputy editor of the Sunday Telegraph and co-author with Carsten Thiede of The Jesus Papyrus

SARAH GELLNER is a freelance writer

JOHN GITTINGS is a leader writer on the Guardian and the author of Real China: From Cannibalism to Karaoke

PHILIP GOODHART was aConservative MP from 1957 to 1992

KIM GORDON is a specialist in Chinese media at City University, London

PHILIP GORDON is the editor of Survival, the journal of the International Institute for Strategic Studies

CHARLES GRANT is defence editor of The Economist. His piece is based on a forthcoming pamphlet for the Centre for European Reform

PAUL JOHNSON is an historian and columnist on the Spectator and Daily Mail His essay is extracted from his latest book The Quest for God

DAVID LIPSEY is political editor of The Economist

JOHN LLOYD is a fellow of St Antony’s College, Oxford

NORBERT LYNTON is a former Guardian art critic and art lecturer

JOHN MADDOX is the former editor of Nature magazine

ANDREW MARR is chief political writer on the Independent and author of Ruling Brittania

PJ O’ ROURKE is the author of Age and Guile and contributing editor to the IVeekly Standard, where his review first appeared

EDWARD PEARCE is writing abook on those who nearly made it to the top in politics

JOHN PODHORETZ is deputy editor of the IVeekly Standard

ALAN RYAN is professor of politics at Princeton University

BEPPE SEVERGNINI is awriter and a columnist for II Corriere della Sera

DAVID SOSKICE is adirector of the Wissenschaftzentrum in Berlin, where he teaches a course in comparative capitalisms

GRAHAM STANTON is professor of New Testament Studies at King’s College, London and author of Gospel Truth?

PETER WAYNE is serving 13 years for robbery at Stocken prison, Leicestershire

DAVID WILLETTS is aConservative minister. His piece is based on a chapter in Blair’s Gurus, to be published next month by the Centre for Policy Studies


OPENINGS 4 LETTERS The past catches up with Jeremy Clarke.


8 OPEN AND CLOSED JOHN GITTINGS on the social costs of market Stalinism. Can China's economic reforms find a middle way?

Issue seven April 1996

The forgotten. Page 29

ESSAYS 22 WORDS AND THINGS ANDREW MARR Lizard-eyed power still lies behind the evasions of political language, but thanks to George Orwell’s warning 50 years ago, the battle for democratic clarity is being won.

Sick dragon? Page 8

10 WELFARE’S FALLOW F IELD DAVID WILLETTS puts Frank Field’s welfare reforms under the microscope and finds them wanting.

14 ARMS HAVE LEGS CHARLES GRANT on resolving the moral dilemmas of the west’s arms industry after the Scott report.

18 DEBATE: GOSPEL TRUTHS MATTHEW D’ANCONA AND GRAHAM STANTON disagree about ancient fragments of St Matthew’s Gospel and ask how much we know of the historical Jesus.

Brothers in arms. Page 14

Attacking means testing. Page 10

29 ABSENT HISTORY ANNE APPLEBAUM What if we had no memory of the Holocaust? In post-communist Europe, the absence of history is weighing heavily on the present.

34 PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE PAUL JOHNSON says the most surprising thing about the 20th century has been the failure of God to die.

39 THE STAKE W E ’RE IN DAVID SOSKICE warns New Labour against copying Germany’s concept of stakeholding. Upwardly mobile women do better in Britain and the US.

2 PROSPECT April 1996

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