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TONY BLAIR is leader of the Labour party

ANDREW BROWN is religious affairs correspondent of the Independent

JOHN CARR is a management consultant

JEREMY CLARKE is a freelance writer

RON DORE is professor of economics at the London School of Economics

TIMOTHY GARTON ASH is a writer and fellow of St Antony’s College, Oxford. His most recent book is In Europe's Name: Germany and the Divided Continent (Vintage)

AC GRAYLING is a lecturer in philosophy at Birkbeck College, London

HERB GREER is an American writer

BARBARA HAUS is a German writer who lives with a British comedy producer

DOUGLAS HURD is former foreign secretary

DOUGLAS JOHNSON is emeritus professor of French history at the University of London

LUCY KELLAWAY is a columnist on the Finaneial Times and is married to the editor of Prospect

AHMAD KHALIDI is a Palestinian writer

JOHN LLOYD is writing a book on the first five years of the new Russia

MICHAEL MACLAY is an adviser to Carl Bildt

JOHN MADDOX is the former editor of Nature

JOHN MORRISON is a Reuters journalist and author of Boris Yeltsin: From Bolshevik to Democrat (Dutton)

JULIAN OZANNE is the Jerusalem correspondent of the Financial Times

EDWARD PEARCE is writing a book on those who nearly made it to the top in politics

VIKTOR PELEVIN is a Russian writer. His story was first published in Ogonyok. This translation was first published in the current Index on Censorship special issue on Russia (0171 278 2313)

MELANIE PHILLIPS is a columnist on the Observer

STEPHEN POLLARD is head of research at the Social Market Foundation


MATT RIDLEY is a science writer

KENNETH ROY is the editor of the quarterly The Scottish Review, at Carrick Media, 2/7 Galt House, 31 Bank Street, Irvine KA12 OLL

GERALD SEGAL is senior fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies and director of the UK Economic and Social Research Council’s Pacific Asia Programme

BOB TAYLOR is a Brussels based journalist

POLLY TOYNBEE is a columnist on the Independent


PETER WAYNE is serving 13 years for robbery at Stocken prison, Leicestershire

Prospect OPINIONS 8 FOOTBALL’S EMPTY PLEASURE MARIO VARGAS LLOSA on th e ephem eral jo y o f th e w o r ld ’s m o s t popular game.

Labour brains. Page 10

10 IDEOLOGICAL BLURRING TONY BLAIR Labour has not yet won th e b a t t le o f ideas. I t will be a g radual process based on policy detail as much as b ig vision.

12 AN UNSENTIMENTAL PEACE AHMAD KHALIDI surveys Israel's record o f “m istaken” a ttacks on A rab civilian populations.

14 ONE NATION: TWO PROBLEMS RON DORE on how th e tra in in g in d u s try confuses its social rescue p ro g ram m e w ith th e acquisition o f real skills.

Issue nine June 1996

17 BOSNIA IN THE BALANCE MICHAEL MACLAY says re c rea t in g civil society in Bosnia is a d a u n t in g task but i t m ust be done.

18 DEALING WITH THE RUSSIANS DOUGLAS HURD on how th e w est should handle the expansion o f Nato.

20 DEBATE: FAMILY MATTERS MELANIE PHILLIPS AND POLLY TOYNBEE D o we have to choose betw een the happiness o f ch ild ren and parents?

ESSAYS 24 BACK INTO EUROPE TIMOTHY GARTON ASH Emu is yesterday's answ er to y e s te rd ay ’s problem . An unstable Russia makes EU en la rg em en t the priority, o ffering B ritain a new role.

IVho killed it? Page SO

How many mistakes? Page 12

30 ICE AGE POLITICS MATT RIDLEY on how politics finds its way in to the s tu dy o f clim a te change and even P le istocene extinctions.

34 SCOTLAND THE SICK KENNETH ROY on Scotland’s new cultural brutalism and xenophobic nationalism. W hat’s become of the enlightened decencies of the 1950s and 1960s?

2 PROSPECT June 1996

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