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DANIEL BRITTEN is a writer. His book on the sexual revolution will be published next year

JONATHAN CARR is Bonn correspondent for The Economist

JEREMY CLARKE isa freelance writer

YVETTE COOPER isMP for Pontefract and Castleford

JASON COWLEY writes for The Times and is a 1997 Booker prize judge

JARED DIAMOND isprofessor of physiology at the University of California

ROBERT FENNER isaformer computer industry journalist. He is now a director of the public relations consultancy. Grayling

TIMOTHY GARTON ASH is the author of The File: A Personal History (HarperCollins)

MICHAEL GRUBB ishead of the energy and environmental programme at the RIIA

ROBERT HAZELL isdirector of The Constitution Unit

GERRY HOLTHAM isdirector of the IPPR

DOUGLAS HURD is former foreign secretary

MICHAEL IGNATIEFF is the biographer of Isaiah Berlin

ANATOLE KALETSKY writes for The Times

KATE KELLAWAY isa writer on the Observer. For further information on parenting courses, contact Gail Whitfield (0171 24*11850)

MARTIN KETTLE issoon to become Washington editor of the Guardian

PATRICK McGRATH isa writer. His latest novel, Asylum, is out in paperback in August

ANNE-ELISABETH MOUTET is a writer based in Paris

CONOR CRUISE O'BRIEN is the author of Edmund Burke (Sinclair-Stevenson)

PAUL ORMEROD ischairman of Post-Orthodox Economics

MELANIE PHILLIPS isa columnist on the Observer

JOHN PLENDER writes for the Financial Times

FREDERIC RAPHAEL is a novelist

HUGH RAVEN isconvenor of the British government’s Green Globe task force

BRIDGET ROSEWELL ischairman of Business Strategies

JONATHAN SPENCE isa historian at Yale University

NICOLAS WALTER isdirector of the Secular Society

LINDSAY WATERS is an executive editor at Harvard University Press. His article is abridged from the April/May Boston Review

GEOFF WATTS ispresenter of Medicine Now on BBC radio

PETER WAYNE isserving 13years for robbery at Lindholme prison, Yorkshire


OPINIONS 8 WHERE ARE THEY NOW? MICHAEL IGNATIEFF Where are the intellectuals? Hosting celebrity chat shows.

10 WATCHING WALES ROBERT HAZELL Unlike the Scots, the Welsh are ill-prepared for devolution.

11 PAUSE FOR THOUGHT JARED DIAMOND The menopause is not an aberration; it gives women a genetic advantage.

Biological clock. Page 11

12 RUSSIAN REASONS DOUGLAS HURD Despite all those murders, Russia is changing for the better.

14 MAKING DISTINCTIONS GERRY HOLTHAM Welfare reform must not jettison equality of opportunity.

16 DEBATE: TILL DEATH US DO APART PAUL ORMEROD AND BRIDGET ROSEWELL Should the state encourage people to get and to stay married?

Bouncy Blairite. Page 14

Issue twenty-two August/September 1997

Wrestling with the fast. Page 20

ESSAYS 20 BAD MEMORIES TIMOTHY GARTON ASH A new discipline is in the making: memory studies. But what is the use of remembering the past?

25 BURKE ON IRELAND S HOLY WAR CONOR CRUISE O’BRIEN Edmund Burke has stimulating insights but no answers.

30 MYSTERIOUS MAHLER JONATHAN CARR Death was an obsession for Mahler, but not more so than for other great artists.

Gustav’s struggle. Page 30

34 EASTERN FRONT ANATOLE KALETSKY Is enlargement of the EU worth it? It requires huge changes from existing members and will alienate Russia.

MY STORY 42 NOT THE LIFE KATE KELLAWAY goes to a school for mothers—and finds it surprisingly helpful.

2 PROSPECT August/September 1997

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