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ANTHONY BARNETT is the founding d irector o f Charter 88

JONN BIRT is D ire c to r General o f the BBC

JEREMY CLARKE is a freelance w r ite r

DUNCAN FALLOWELL is w o rk in g on his th ird novel, A History of Facelifting

AC GRAYLING is w o rk in g on a b iography o f W i l l iam H a z l it t

FRED HALLIDAY is professor o f in te rnational re la tions at the LSE. He is com p le ting a book, Revolution and WorldPolitics, to be published by M acm illa n

IVAN HEWETT is presenter o f Radio S’s Music Matters

CHRISTOPHER HUHNE is head o f the economics team at F itch IB CA, the in te rnational debt rating agency, and co-author o f Both Sides of the Coin: The CaseFor and Against European Monetary Union (P ro f ile Books)

PAMELA MEADOWS is v is it in g fe llow at the National Institute o f Econom ic and Social Research and v is it in g professor at the National Institute for W o rk in g L ife in S tockholm

GEOFFREY MILLER is an evolutionary psychologist at the Centre for Econom ic Learning and Social Evolution, U n ive rs ity College, London

DAVID RIEFF is completing a book on the ambiguities o f humanitarian aid to be published by Simon and Schuster

GERALD SEGAL is d irector o f studies at the International Institute for S trategic Studies

ERIC SHELDON is a translator o f scientific lite rature from Japanese

TIM SNYDER is an Academy Scholar at Harvard U n iv e rs ity and author o f Nationalism, Marxism and Modern CentralEurope (Harvard Ukrainian Institute)

HELEN STEVENSON is the author, most recently, o f Mad Elaine (Anchor T ransw o r ld )

PAUL THEROUX is the author, most recently, o f Sir Vidia’s Shadow (Ham ish Hamilton)

BELLA THOMAS is a w r ite r based in Brussels

PETER WAYNE is serving a 27-month sentence at E lm le y prison

GEOFFREY WHEATCROFT is the author o f The Controversy of Zion

DAVID WILLETTS is T o ry M P for Havant

JAMES WOOD is the author o f The Broken Estate:Essays onLiterature and Belief (Jonathan Cape)

2 PROSPECT February 1999


Issue thirty-eight February 1999

OPINIONS 10 Holding on to auntie JOHN BIRT TheBBC’spromises forthenewmillennium.

PORTRAIT PaulTheroux:inpursuit ofstreet neurology withOliverSacks


12 Polly’s list GEOFFREY WHEATCROFT PollyToynbee’srisible progressivism. 13 At the birth BELLA THOMAS Europeanpoliticsisgettingmore personal—abouttimetoo.

ESSAY JamesWoodfinds TomWolfe’scartoonish realismuninspiring

Tom Wolfe's latest novel has beenpraised as the finest example of Americanrealism. But to compare himwith Dickens is absurd. He is not a literary novelist. PAGE 30

Oliver Sacks is famous for his neurological writings, but what is he like as a doctor? Paul Theroux walks the streets of New Yorkwith him and his patients. PAGE40

DEBATE 14 Debate: Global rights? AC GRAYLING AND DAVID RIEFF Canthenewinternationalcourtof justicehelppreventcrimesagainst humanity?Orisitapioussham?

ESSAYS 24 Corporate control ANTHONY BARNETT

NewLabourhasinventedanewstyle ofgovernment:corporatepopulism. Itgetsthingsdone,butittrusts noonebutitself.Thedeparture ofitsstrongestadvocate,Peter Mandelson,couldchangethings. 34 Crisis, what crisis? GERALD SEGAL TheAsiancrisishasprovedFrancis Fukuyamaright:ifyouwantto growrich,thereisnoalternativeto aliberalpoliticaleconomy.

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