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SAMUEL BRITTAN w rites for the Financial Times. He is th e au th o r o f Essays: Moral, Political and Economic (E d inburgh U n iv e rsity Press)

MALIKA BROWNE is a jo u rn a l is t liv ing in London

TOM BURKE is a visiting professor at Imperial College. He was special adviser to three Secretaries of State for the Environment, 1991-1997

ROBERT CHANDLER is a tra n s la te r and w riter. He was the ed ito r o f Apollinaire, published by Everym an

BEN CHEEVER is a novelist. His la te s t book, Selling Ben Cheever, (B loom sbury) is published in November

ROBERT COOPER is a m em ber o f HM d iplom atic service. He is th e au th o r o f "The Post-M odern S ta te and the W orld O rd e r” (Demos)

MARK COUSINS is the d ire c to r and p re sen te r o f BBC2’s Scene by Scene and Moviedrome

HOWARD DAVIES is chairm an o f the Financial Services A u th o rity

DAVID G GREEN is d irec to r o f C ivitas, th e In s t i tu te fo r the S tudy o f Civil Society

MICHAEL HOFMANN is a poet. His recent selection o f Robert Lowell’s poems is published by Faber

LAWRENCE F KAPLAN is a senior editor of the New Republic

MAREK KOHN s most recent book, As We Know It, is published by G ran ta

OLIVER LETWIN is th e Conservative M P for W est D o rse t and Shadow Chief S ecretary to th e T reasu ry

ANATOL LIEVEN is a senior associate at th e C arnegie E ndowm ent for In te rn a tio n a l Peace, W ashington DC He is the au th o r o f Chechnya (Yale)

BJORN LOMBORG is an associate professor o f statistics a t th e U n iversity o f A arhus and th e au th o r o f The Skeptical Environmentalist (CUP)

OLIVER MORTON is a science w riter. His book, Mapping Mars, will be published by Fourth E s ta te n ex t year

DONALD SASSOON is th e p rofessor o f com parative European h is to ry at Queen M ary and W estfield College. H e is the au th o r o f The Mona Lisa, published by H a rperC o llin s this year

MURRAY SAYLE reported wars for many years and lives in Japan

JOHN STEVENS is the leader o f the proeuro Conservative p a r ty

DICK TAVERNE is a L iberal D em ocrat peer

2 PROSPECT October 2001

contentsIssue sixty-seven October 2001

OPINION 10 Bi-polar Britain JOHN STEVENS W e s ta n d “sh o u ld e r to sh o u ld e r” w ith America a g a in s t te r ro r , b u t B rita in c an n o t be a b r id g e a c ro ss th e A tla n tic .

Empire can be nice

ESSAYS 22 The next empire ROBERT COOPER Em p ire m ay n o t be such a d i r ty w o rd . A co-operative fo rm o f i t m ay be th e end p o in t o f th e E u ro p e a n idea.

DEBATE 12 The challenge to the environmental movement TOM BURKE V BJORN LOMBORG A re re spected e n v irom en ta lis ts

. , , . . , , . , i -

w illfu lly ig n o r in g ev id ence th a t th in g s a re g e t t in g b e tte r , n o t w o rse?

ESSAY Lawrence F Kaplan on freem arket delusions o f a democratic China r

Proportional representation

Liberal anti-racism DAVID G GREEN Positive d is c r im in a tio n is nearly d e fu n c t in America, so w hy should it w o rk over h e re? W e n e ed to red iscover a t ru e lib e ra l co lo u r b lindness.

Capitalism and authoritarianism can co-exist. Look at 19th century Germany or Japan. Or, recently, Argentina and Brazil.


Where has the solidarity gone?

40 Evolutionary left MAREK KOHN T h e c o n tem p o ra ry le ft rem a in s in d isarray. A c o n v in c in g a rg um e n t fo r equality m ay lie in th e unlikely source o f D a rw in ia n ev o lu t io n a ry psychology.

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