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ROBIN BANERJI is a journalist

PAULBARKER is a writer and broadcaster

SIMON BARON-COHEN is the author of The Essential Difference (Allen Lane)

RODRIC BRAITHWAITE is a former British ambassador to Russia

PAULBROKS's book Into the Silent Land (Atlantic Books) is published in June

BRUCECLARK is writing a book on religion in Greece and Turkey

PHILIP COLLINS'S novel The Men From The Boys is published by HarperCollins

MARK COUSINS is director of the BBC’s Scene byScene AMANDACRAIG's novel Love in Idleness (Little, Brown) will be published in July

RICHARD DOWDEN is executive director of the Royal African Society

ANTHONY DWORKIN is editor of the Crimes of War website

PHILIP GOODHARTwas a Conservative MP from 1957 to 1992

HEATHERGRABBE is research director of the Centre for European Reform

ALASDAIRGRAY's book The Ends of their Tethers is forthcoming from Canongate

RACHEL HALLIBURTON is deputy theatre critic of the Evening Standard DAVID HERMAN has produced arts programmes for the BBC and Channel 4

PERVEZHOODBHOY teaches physics at Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad

NANCYHYNESis a writer and curator

JOHN KAY's book The Truth About Markets (Allen Lane) is published in May

TIM KING is a documentary maker living in France

ANATOLLIEVEN works at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

DANIEL LITVIN is author of Empires of Profit (Texere)

MATT RIDLEY is the author of Nature via Nurture (Fourth Estate)

KIM SENGUPTA has been reporting from Baghdad for the Independent SEBASTIAN SMEE is a critic working in London for the Art Newspaper IAN STEWART is professor of mathematics at Warwick University

ROGERWICKS is senior fellow of the Social Market Foundation

2 PROSPECT May‘2003

contentsIssue eighty-six May 2003

OPINIONS 10 Extreme males SIMON BARON-COHEN Autism is now more common, we need tolerance for those without empathy.

12 Shakentothe core HEATHER GRABBE France will struggle to create a meaningful “core Europe.”

14 Science &serendipity MATT RIDLEY Spare a thought for those who failed to crack the double helix.

15 De-Ba‘athification KIM SENGUPTA How will the US tell Iraq's bad guys from the opportunists?

16 Radicalisation ROBIN BANERJI What is the evidence that the Iraq war will create more Islamic radicals?


20 Endof the affair RODRIC BRAITHW A IT E

Even in victory, the “special relationship” is a liability for Britain. W ith in the establishm ent it is now backed only by prime ministers, submariners and codebreakers. It is tim e for an act o f independence to show we are ju st good friends.

ESSAYS 24 Speaking up ANATOL LIEVEN America’s liberal Jews have the only voice powerful enough to fight selfdefeating Israeli nationalism and US chauvinism. They must speak out.

28 The real economy JOHN KAY The American business model is both unattractive and inaccurate. Market economies work only when embedded in social institutions.

34 Artless television DAVID HERMAN The BBC’s new arts series is isolated in a broadcasting landscape that has been all but stripped of arts coverage.

38 The oil curse DANIEL LITVIN The history of oil investment in the developing world hints at trouble ahead for the multinationals in Iraq.

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