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12 The Many Faces of the Uncanny This exhibition blurs the boundaries of reality in order to create that distinct sense of unease.

13 Fragments of a Troubled Land Contemporary photographers respond to a region of paradox and deep-rooted conflict.


14 Images of Conflict Outside Evoking the atmosphere of war-torn Middle East through analogue and multimedia installations.

16 Distanced Visions of Home Artwork informed by a nomadic life of global travel, constructed and defined internationally.

15 Illuminating a Given Situation Dan Flavin’s enduring opposition to metaphorical readings of light and colour within the gallery.

17 Forward-Looking Spirt Eero Aarnio experiments with plastics and organic forms, creating a new philosophy for amenities.


20 Material Immateriality MoMA in New York explores the intrinsic ideas of sociality and community in the impulses and aesthetics of contemporary Japanese architects.

54 Spatial Aspiration Laurent Kronental documents social utopianism and urban migration in the Grands Ensembles, futuristic housing projects located around Paris.

26 Archaic Sanctuary Christopher Payne’s photographs marvel at the palatial expanse and peculiarly ornate features of abandoned interiors fallen into disrepair.

66 Elegantly Sustainable Ellen Köhrer and Magdalena Schaffrin produce the first fashion publication illustrating insight into contemporary social and ecological issues.

36 Illusory Voyages Composing imaginative adaptations, Christian Tagliavini explores the idiosyncratic themes and characters from the stories in which he lives.

72 Textual Alteration Cara Barer crafts a tangible record of the book as an ephemeral object, defiantly resisting its encroaching obsolescence in the digital era.

48 Cultural Sensibility Tate Modern opens a major exhibition of Mona Hatoum’s work, creating an audible conversation between domesticity and identity in today’s world.

82 Personal Discovery Alicia Savage’s self-portraiture explores the past and present, including the journeys made anonymously, both literal and metaphorical.

94 Designing Functionality Centre Pompidou launches a retrospective of Pierre Paulin, whose power and pragmatism separated the work from surface 1960s pop.

100 Captured Multiplicities Photo London 2016 spans decades, genres and divergent methods, showcasing an evolution in the science and artistic practice of photography.

112 Aesthetica Art Prize The 2016 selection is dedicated to showcasing the prestige of pioneering approaches through an abundance of interdisciplinary practices.

116 Conscious Effervescence Although framed by the lens, Joshua Jordan’s models refuse to be kept as transfixed objects, defiantly withholding their dreams from view.


Last Words

136 Physical Equilibrium Capturing the spirit of pilgrimage, Songs of the Wanderers is a meditative exclamation of tradition, reinterpreted through the eyes of modern culture.

162 Francesco Pergolesi Heroes takes reference from nostalgia, recalling childhood memories and immortalising local establishments through a series of photographs.


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