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3 Editorial  Another Europe is necessary 5 Letters & Jeremy Hardy Thinks 6 Globalise this!  Movement news 8 Striking back  Organising in Egypt 9 Under the radar  Killer code 10 Right to the city  Bill hits homes 11 Natural born rebel  Faith in Labour


16 What’s new? Our roundtable considers whether Jeremy Corbyn has changed politics

18 Corbynomics can work

Neil Faulkner asks what a Corbyn‑inspired economic policy would look like

22 Basic instinct

Andrew Dolan puts the case for a universal basic income

32 Biting lions

On the 40th anniversary of the Grunwick strike, Sujata Aurora looks at its legacy

34 The social media spectacle

Nell Haynes reviews a global study suggesting that social norms trump radical politics on social media

39 Turkey’s war on its Kurds

Turkey has launched the biggest massacre of Kurds since the 1990s, write Tom Anderson and Eliza Egret


24 No more heroes

Alistair Tamlit, one of the ‘Heathrow 13’ climate protesters, reflects on the pitfalls of labelling activists ‘heroes’

26 Their coal, our homes

Anne Harris on the suffering caused by mining to feed the UK’s coal-fired power stations

28 Climate shutdown

Grassroots action in 2016 must succeed where the climate talks failed, writes Sam Blacksmith

29 Raising the steaks

Kierra Box says we need to put meat on our governments’ menus – and take it off our own

31 Flexitarian Bristol

Rosa van Kesteren’s new approach to cutting back on meat eating


12 A decade to save the EU

Nick Buxton speaks to Yanis Varoufakis about his new movement for democracy in Europe

14 Brexit: the best weapon we have Leigh Phillips argues that the EU can’t be reformed, so we should get out



42 If I had a hammer…

Andrea Needham tells how ten women disarmed a warplane


Age of rage Jenny Nelson interviews the actress Kika Markham

48 Book reviews

4 red pepper apr | may 2016

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