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MAX BEERBOHM (1872-1956) was a writer and caricaturist. Enoch Soames is reprinted with permission from the Beerbohm Estate, Marc Berlin, 0171 287 9000

JOHN CARR is a management consultant

JEREMY CLARKE is a freelance writer

STEVE CRAWSHAW writes for the Independent

HOWARD DAVIES is deputy governor of the Bank of England

CATHERINE DRUCKER works for the Kurdish broadcaster Med-TV

NICHOLAS EBERSTADT is a researcher at the American Enterprise Institute. His essay is adapted from a lecture delivered at the World Food summit in Rome


JONATHAN GERSHUNY is director of the ESRC Research Centre on Micro-social Change at the University of Essex

KATIE GRANT is a freelance writer

AC GRAYLING lectures at Birkbeck College, London and St Anne’s College, Oxford

HERB GREER is contributing editor of The World + 1. He also writes for the Sunday Telegraph and other publications in the US and UK

PETER HITCHENS is assistant editor of the Daily Express

DAVID HOWELL is an MP and chair of the House of Commons foreign affairs committee

DOUGLAS JOHNSON is emeritus professor of French history at the University of London

VICTOR KEEGAN writes for the Guardian

JOHN LAUGHLAND is a writer based in Brussels

DAVID LIPSEY is political editor of The Economist

JOHN LLOYD is associate editor of the New Statesman

JOHN MADDOX is the former editor of Nature

PAULINE NEVILLE-JONES is head of Global Business Strategy at Natwest Markets

PJ O’ROURKE is a writer. His review first appeared in the Weekly Standard

FREDERIC RAPHAEL is a novelist

DAVID ROSE is home affairs correspondent of the Observer. His book, In the Name o f the Law (Vintage), was published in November. He recently presented the BBC series The Verdict

CHRISTOPHER TOOKEY is Daily Mail film critic

CHRISTOPHER TUGENDHAT is chairman of Abbey National and a former EU commissioner

JOHN TUSA is director of the Barbican Centre. His essay is adapted from a lecture given at the Museum of Ulster in November

NICOLAS WALTER is director of the Secular Society


Issue fifteen January 1997

OPINIONS 8 TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING DAVID LIPSEY Choice is a hallmark o f democracy but we often forget its limits.

10 IN THE NAME OF EUROPE CHRISTOPHER TUGENDHAT The EU is becoming a scapegoat for economic hardship.

12 FRANCE’S PROFOUND MYSTERY DOUGLAS JOHNSON W ill the French take to the barricades against the single currency?

Tutorial time. Page 14

14 INTELLECTUAL OR ACADEMIC AC GRAYLING The industrialisation o f the university has gone too far.

16 DEBATE: DEATH ROWS PETER HITCHENS AND DAVID ROSE D o we need capital punishment to stop a war o f all against all breaking out in Britain?

A has I’Europe. Page 12

ESSAYS 20 FIRST, DO NO HARM NICHOLAS EBERSTADT The pessim ism o f the neo-Malthusians has never been justified. Famine is neither the huge nor insoluble problem that it is made out to be.

Feed the world. Page 20

2 6 BRITANNIA'S BUSINESS DAVID HOWELL Europe is not the only game in town. British in terests lie as much in the rising nations o f the world.

3 0 HIGHWAY ECONOMICS VICTOR KEEGAN W ho w ill win the battles for control o f the superhighway? The corporate giants or the individual on the net?

Bashing Brussels. Page 10

2 PROSPECT January 1997

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