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When Saturday Comes No 351 May 2016

Plymouth fans make their mark in Morecambe

REGULARS 5 Editorial I f manager s a r e neve r g i ven t ime t o do t he i r jobs, it’s hard to tell if they would do them well

6 Sidelines EU don’t know what you’re doing;

non-League’s northerly direction; fighting homophobia; troubles at Torquay, York and Millwall; lower-league fans pay the price

12 Shot! Doncaster Belles are back in the top tier of women’s football after their unfair demotion, but t h i ng s h aven’t s t a r t ed t oo wel l

15 Harry Pearson column The bright young things of Premier League managementareactuallyolderthantheir 1970s counterparts, they just dress differently

Creativity, I’d always thought, is really a synthesis of logic and lunacy; at some deep level, it seemed to me, Cruyff understood this Johan Cruyff p16

24 Focus on Denis Compton – the Arsenal player whose kneecap ended up on display at Lord’s

38 World view

The Swed i sh t op - f l i ght t e am put t i ng c u l t u r e first; Egypt will be memorable for Alex McLeish and Martin Jol, for the wrong reasons

40 Books Klopp’s Kop journey; Secret Footballer reveals a l l – a g a i n ; 1966 r emembered ; 1930 s t r i v i a

42 Letters “Here’s a better group format for the Euros...”

46 Season in brief Port Vale get used to a more national outlook and take the first ever Division Four title

FEATURES 16 Total recall Placing Johan Cruyff into just one category misses the complexity that made him a genius

18 Wood from the trees Nottingham Forest spot a chance to make money where there should be celebrations

20 Breakout artists E xe c ut i ve s c a n make a s uper l e a g ue but t hey c a n’ t make i t mat t e r ; Spa n i sh c lub s s c r amble to get involved; the touring circus’s impact on local clubs; Premier League muscle in on JPT


There’s relief for one coachload of Argyle fans, who finally reach the ground in time for the second half. And they get what they came for Morecambe v Plymouth Argyle p28

26 Public service Announcing the Russia team to 50,000 people is great, until you get a name wrong; the horror of declaring an incorrect goal

28 Match of the month An Easter day out at the Morecambe seaside turns into a travel nightmare for Plymouth f a n s , no mat t e r how wel l t he i r t e am doe s

34 Still with us Mak i ng g a i n s w i t h Tr i n i t y, de s p i t e t he constant irritation that are their local rivals

35 Stoked up The downward spiral of the man who scored

Southampton’s most famous goal

36 Cherished memento Pennants may seem inconspicuous but they a r e a s ymbol t h at un i t e s a l l of f ootba l l

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