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W&N Literary Fiction Hb October £14.99 320pp 978 1 474 60004 0 ebook: £14.99 / 978 1 474 60005 7 Audio: £19.99 / 978 1 409 16118 9 / 8 hrs

‘A gorgeous little novel . . . as beautifully written as it is heartbreaking . . . a fablelike tale of how money can’t buy happiness’ – Stylist on The List of My Desires

GRéGOIRE DELACOURT We Only Saw Happiness a heart-breaking, heart-warming, story about the value of a life from the author of waterstones Book Club pick The List of My Desires.

Antoine’s parents fell in love at first sight. but they quickly realised that true love means more than furtive glances. Married too young, and with three small children, Antoine’s mother retreats into a world of Sagan novels and cigarette smoke, abandoning the family when Antoine’s sister dies. He grows up with a distant father, his only respite the tenderness he shares with his surviving sister.

Then Antoine meets Natalie, the woman of his dreams. They have two children and Antoine thrives in his work for an insurance company, investigating claims to reduce his firm’s pay-outs. but soon Natalie drifts away from him, beginning an affair, and Antoine loses his job when he lets his heart overrule his head. Driven to despair, he does something unspeakable. Antoine’s journey to come to terms with the terrible thing he has done will take him across seas and continents, deep into his own heart and the hearts of others, as he is forced to question what a life is really worth.

• We Only Saw Happiness was longlisted for the Prix Goncourt – the French equivalent of the Man Booker Prize.

Grégoire Delacourt was born in valenciennes in 1960. His breakthrough novel, The List of My Desires, has sold over half a million copies in his native France, and remained in the Top 10 for eighteen months after publication and was sold in twenty-seven territories.


Location: Paris, France Available for interview

W&N Fiction • October 2016

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