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W&N Literary Fiction Hb November £12.99 288pp 978 1 474 60065 1 ebook: £12.99 / 978 1 474 60066 8 Audio: £19.99 / 978 1 409 16292 6 / 12 hrs

The long-awaited new novel from publishing sensation bernhard Schlink bERNHARD SCHLINk The Girl on the Stairs a tale of obsession, possession and a mystery painting from the internationally bestselling author of The Reader.

For decades the painting was believed to be lost.

but, just as mysteriously as it disappeared, it reappears, an anonymous donation to a gallery in Sydney. The art world is stunned but so are the three men who loved the girl in the painting, the girl on the stairs.

One by one they track her down to an isolated cottage in Australia. Here they must try to untangle the lies and betrayals of their shared past – but time is running out.

The Girl on the Stairs is an intricately crafted, poignant and beguiling novel about creativity and love, about the effects of time passing and the regrets that haunt us all.

• The Reader became a literary sensation, selling 800,000 copies in our markets alone.

• schlink’s last novel, The Weekend (2010), attracted blanket review coverage and was published to critical acclaim: ‘Fascinating’ Daily Express; ‘seeded with intense flashes of emotion’ Daily Telegraph; ‘impressive’ Guardian.

Bernhard schlink is the author of The Reader, which was adapted into a film starring kate Winslet, who won the Oscar for best Actress for her performance in 2009. It was published in thirty-seven countries and has sold over 800,000 copies in the Uk.



Location: berlin, Germany; New York, USA Available for interview

W&N Fiction • November 2016

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