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Gollancz Fantasy TPb August £9.99 96pp 978 1 473 21747 8

PAUL kIDbY The Official Discworld Colouring book

The official Discworld Colouring Book, featuring artwork by acclaimed Discworld artist Paul kidby!

If Terry Pratchett’s pen gave his characters life, Paul kidby’s brush allowed them to live it. Containing black-and-white line drawings based on his hugely popular artwork, as well as original pieces produced exclusively for this book – featuring such iconic Discworld personalities as Archchancellor Ridcully, Rincewind, Granny Weatherwax, CMOT Dibbler, Tiffany Aching and, of course, DEATH – The Official Discworld Colouring Book is required . . . reading? . . . for all Discworld fans.

Paul kidby was Sir Terry Pratchett’s artist of choice. He provided the illustrations for The Last Hero, has designed the covers for the Discworld novels since 2002 and is the author of the definitive portfolio volume The Art Of Discworld.

Gollancz Fantasy Hb October £16.99 128pp 978 1 473 20833 9

The Terry Pratchett Diary a perennial diary celebrating the life and career of the great sir Terry Pratchett.

Following the devastating loss of literary titan Sir Terry Pratchett in March 2015, and to celebrate his life and works, we’ve given over the Discworld Diary – which will be a perennial diary – to remembrances and tributes from some of those who knew and loved him and his extraordinary body of work.

Featuring an introduction by his daughter Rhiannna Pratchett and an afterword written by longtime friend and colleague Rob Wilkins, the Discworld Diary offers a more personal look at the life of one of the world’s best-loved authors.

Terry Pratchett’s books have sold approximately 85 million copies worldwide (but who’s counting?), and been translated into thirty-seven languages.


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Gollancz Science Fiction & Fantasy • August / October 2016


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