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Gollancz Science Fiction TPb September £18.99 800pp 978 1 473 20226 9 ebook: £18.99 / 978 1 473 20228 3

IAN MCDONALD Luna: Wolf Moon

The BsFa and arthur C. Clarke award-winning author returns with the second part of his stunning moon colonisation epic, perfect for fans of The Martian and Red Mars.

Five corporate families are struggling ruthlessly for the control of a moon colony that is mining untold riches. but open war has broken out between two of the families, and a blood debt is owed . . .

Full of the intricate horrors and wonders of living in this harsh environment, this is also a page-turning thriller of corporate in-fighting, betrayal and double-dealings where there is no criminal law, only corporate law.

ian McDonald is the multiple award-winning author of some of the most significant and ground-breaking SF of the 21st century.


Location: belfast Available for interview @iannmcdonald

Gollancz Science Fiction & Fantasy • September 2016

Gollancz Science Fiction TPb September £16.99 400pp 978 1 473 20093 7 ebook: £16.99 / 978 1 473 20095 1


Crosstalk is a smart and endearing romantic comedy.

A high-powered exec in the tech industry, briddey has been with Trent for a magical six weeks. Now they plan to undergo a procedure to let them sense each other's feelings.

With the office gossip firmly on the procedure, and a rival company poised to deliver an amazing new product, the race is on: for cutting-edge technology, for a shred of privacy, and for a chance at love through it all.

This is a brilliant, heart-warming romantic comedy from one of the wittiest and wisest of our authors. Written with a light touch and a smile, we're swept up in briddey’s romance – and into the difficulties of a world just one technological step away from our own, as technology and social media blur (or indeed remove) the line between personal and public.

‘it is a book that feels fundamentally true; it is a book to live in’ Washington Post

SFWA Grand Master Connie willis has won a staggering 11 Hugo and 7 Nebula Awards, among many others.



Location: Colorado, USA Available for interview