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Gollancz Literary SF Hb September £16.99 432pp 978 1 473 20054 8 ebook: £16.99 / 978 1 473 20056 2

CHRISTOPHER PRIEST The Gradual war, music and identity are explored and dissected in this powerful and affecting novel from one of the uk’s greatest authors.

Return to the world of the Dream Archipelago, a string of islands that no one can map or explain . . .

Alesandro Sussken is a composer, raised in a fascist state constantly at war. Occasionally Alesandro glimpses islands in the far distance which feed into his music. but all knowledge of the other islands is forbidden, until he is unexpectedly sent on a cultural tour. And what he discovers on his journey will change his perceptions of his country, his music, and the ways of the islands themselves.

‘an absorbing and complex yarn of altered realities and twisted timelines, where nothing is quite what it seems’ Guardian on The Adjacent

Christopher Priest’s novels have built him an inimitable dual reputation as a contemporary literary novelist and a leading figure in modern SF and fantasy.

Gollancz Science Fiction TPb October £16.99 368pp 978 1 473 20343 3 ebook: £16.99 / 978 1 473 20345 7

AL RObERTSON Waking Hell in the future the after-life will be digitised. return to the world of station in the sequel to the acclaimed Crashing Heaven.

On Station the dead live on, haunting the living as Fetches; digital ghosts drawn from the downloaded memories of the deceased. Now one woman must journey into the hard-drives to solve a murder, even as the gods of Station face the dawn of a new age.

A gripping SF thriller that mixes classic cyberpunk tropes with a fresh take on how we will live in a virtually enhanced reality, worshipping corporations as gods.

al robertson has had short stories and poems published in various magazines and anthologies. His work has been shortlisted for the bSFA Short Story Award and longlisted for the british Fantasy Awards.


Location: North Devon Available for interview author:

Location: brighton Available for interview @al_robertson

Gollancz Science Fiction & Fantasy • September / October 2016