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Trapeze Humour TPb November £12.99 192pp b/w illustrations throughout 978 1 4091 6730 3 ebook: £12.99 / 978 1 4091 6730 3

A darkly comic, honest and unapologetic illustrated account of daily struggles with mental health

RUbY ELLIOT (AkA RUbYETC) It’s All Absolutely Fine

Funny, sad and fearless drawings exploring the light and dark side of being human.

It’s All Absoultely Fine is a darkly comic, honest and unapologetic illustrated account of the daily struggles with mental health. Ruby Elliot, aka Rubyetc, is the talent behind the hit tumblr account, ‘Rubyetc’, which has over 220k followers and growing. Taking readers on a journey through the ups and downs of life, the book will encompass everything from anxiety, bipolar disorder and body image to depression and identity, shining a light on very real problems – all framed with Ruby's trademark humour and originality.

Ruby balances mental health with humour, making serious issues accessible – and very funny. With the superb talent to capture the essence of human emotion (and to make you laugh out loud), this book is as important and necessary as it is entertaining. It’s All Absolutely Fine will include mostly never-before-seen material, both written and illustrated, and will be an empowering book that will make you laugh, make you think, and make things ok.

ruby is a twenty-two-year-old illustrator living in London. Three years ago she started creating cartoons and illustrations, mainly depicting her own struggles with mental illness, and posting them online under the name Rubyetc. She now has over 220,000 devoted blog followers who hang on her every word.



Location: London, N10 Available for interview f/rubyetcdrawing @rubyetc instagram: @rubyetc_

Trapeze Non-fiction • November 2016