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W&N Economics Hb / TPb June £20.00 / £14.99 368pp 978 1 474 60350 8 / 978 1 474 60351 5 ebook: £20.00 / 978 1 474 60353 9

DR PIPPA MALMGREN Signals How Everyday Signs Can Help Us Navigate the World’s Turbulent Economy

The story of the world economy, told in the language of everyday objects and occurrences.

In Signals, Dr Pippa Malmgren reveals how our daily lives are informed and affected by the on-going battle, created by central bankers, between inflation and deflation. As the cost of living for consumers continues to rise while their income still falls, a pattern is created that breaks the vital social contracts between citizens and their governments. If growth and innovation present the only solutions, the key question becomes whether governments are hostile or hospitable to these efforts. With its wonderful range of signals, from a Vogue magazine cover to a protest by a Tibetan monk, Signals demonstrates that although we can’t predict the future of the world economy, we can prepare.

Dr Pippa Malmgren, former presidential advisor, was the chief currency strategist at bankers Trust and the Deputy Head of Global Strategy at UbS. She now serves on boards at MIT, Indiana University and the Ditchley Foundation and is a frequent guest on the bbC, including Newsnight and the Today programme.


Location: London Available for interview @DrPippaM

W&N Non-Fiction • June 2016

W&N Memoir Hb / TPb June £18.99 / £14.99 272pp 978 1 474 60268 6 / 978 1 474 60269 3 ebook: £18.99 / 978 1 474 60271 6 Audio: £19.99 / 978 1 409 16801 0

SIAN WILLIAMS Rise Surviving and Thriving After Trauma

BBC and iTN/C5 presenter and journalist sian williams’ account of how people survive and even thrive after trauma.

What makes some people get back up when the most difficult and challenging life events knock them down? Are some more resilient than others and if so, what can we learn from them?

Renowned as a highly-respected journalist and broadcaster, Sian Williams is also a trained trauma assessor, and spent two years investigating psychological stress as part of a Master’s thesis. In Rise, Sian explores the science of resilience and growth after trauma, hears tips from the experts and learns from those who have emerged from horrific experiences feeling changed yet stronger. She also documents her own path through a recent and sudden life-changing event, with candid and refreshing honesty.

sian williams is an award-winning journalist and is well known nationally for her work on bbC television and Radio 4. As well as continuing her bbC work, she has also joined ITN/C5 as the anchor of their flagship 5pm news programme.


Location: Goudhurst, kent Available for interview @sianwilliams100

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