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W&N bridge TPb September £12.99 144pp 978 1 474 60378 2 Master Bridge series in association with Peter Crawley

DAvID bIRD The Abbot’s Return to Earth

The thirteenth title in the celebrated series of humorous revelations about the bridge-crazy monks of st Titus.

The pompous and self-important Abbot, now the battle-hardened veteran of the bermuda bowl, discovers that he cannot always sweep aside moderate opposition – and he has to tolerate his overbearing brother and the severe attitude of the Mother of Discipline at the Convent of Hilda’s. And how will the bridge players of Hampshire react to a visit from his partner in Chennai, the outspoken Parrot? Followers of David bird’s work will know what to expect: a first-rate mixture of excellent bridge, entertaining characters and sparkling dialogue.

David Bird, recognised as the world’s leading humorous bridge writer, is the author of over a hundred books. In the last ten years he has won six book of the Year Awards from the American bridge Teachers Association. David contributes regularly to Bridge Magazine, English Bridge, the American Contract Bridge League Bulletin and other magazines around the world.


Location: Chandlers Ford, Hampshire Available for interview

W&N Autobiography Hb / TPb October £20.00 / £14.99 352pp 16pp colour illustrations 978 0 297 60985 8 / 978 0 297 60986 5 ebook: £20.00 / 978 0 297 60987 2 Audio: £19.99 / 978 1 409 16763 1

CHRIS EvANS Top Fear The Remaking of a Tv Legend

Chris Evans lifts the lid on his whirlwind adventure as the new presenter of Top Gear.

Today and every day for Chris, up until May 2016, is all about the first series of the brand new Top Gear. The show he has been hired to save from becoming mere ashes blowing across the hinterland of the golden age of television. A show as infamous as it is revered the world over.

It’s the Tv equivalent of being asked to take over from The beatles. Just as The beatles scored hit after hit, The Four Amigos have scored hit after hit from birmingham to bratislava over more than a decade. Under the reign of Clarkson, Hammond, May and producer Andy Wilman, Top Gear became the biggest car show ever, not to mention the subject of several international diplomatic stand-offs and general ongoing rumpuses. This is Chris’ witty and honest account of being offered one of the biggest jobs in Tv.

Chris Evans’s bbC Radio 2 Breakfast Show attracts 9.6 million listeners a week. In June 2015 Chris was revealed as bbC Two’s new lead presenter of Top Gear. He will be joined by former Friends star Matt Leblanc and German racing-driver Sabine Schmitz, among others.


Location: London NW1 Available for interview @ChrisEvans

W&N Non-Fiction • September / October 2016