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Orion Sport / History Hb August £20.00 384pp 8pp colour illustrations 978 1 4091 4444 4 ebook: £20.00 / 978 1 4091 4444 1

JONATHAN WILSON Angels with Dirty Faces The Footballing History of Argentina

The definitive history of a great footballing nation and its paradoxes.

More than any other nation Argentina lives and breathes football, its theories and myths. Jonathan Wilson expounds on the five phases of Argentinian football: the appropriation of the british game; the golden age of la nuestra, the exuberant style of playing that developed as Juan Perón led the country into isolation; a hardening into the brutal methods of anti-fútbol; the fusing of beauty and efficacy under César Luis Menotti; and the ludicrous creative talent of recent times. This is the whole story of Argentinian football in all its gore and glory.

Jonathan wilson is the author of several highly acclaimed books about football. Inverting the Pyramid, ‘a gloriously readable, eccentric and informative trawl through the changing tactical mindsets [of] the beautiful game’ (Metro), won the National Sporting Club book of the Year Award.


Location: Wandsworth, London Available for interview @jonawils

Orion Cookery TPb August £8.99 176pp 8pp plate sections 978 0 297 87000 5 ebook: £8.99 / 978 0 2978 7001 2

STUDENTbEANS.COM The Healthy Student Cookbook

100 delicious clean-eating recipes from the authors of The Ultimate Student Cookbook.

Student beans are back! Packed with even more delicious, nourishing and low-cost recipes The Healthy Student Cookbook is the bible for students who want to eat well. This time Student beans have teamed up with the Uk’s leading high street restaurants, from Pizza Express to Wahaca, to bring you a bonus chapter on their all-time favourite student-friendly dishes with a healthy twist. There are also exclusive recipes from fitness sensation The body Coach Joe Wicks who has specially devised the perfect meals for busy, energetic students.

Written in the friendly, entertaining way that is known for, and including advice on the basics, how to save money and trips to the supermarket, this book will help students everywhere have confidence in the kitchen so that eating wholesome, nutritious fare becomes a rewarding and fun part of student life.

rob allison has collaborated with numerous authors on hugely successful cookbooks, including The Ultimate Student Cookbook. He has worked with many of the Uk’s top cooks including the Hairy bikers, Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsay, Mary berry and Tom kerridge.


Location: Wiltshire and London Available for interview f/studentbeans @studentbeans

Orion Non-fiction • August 2016