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19 Twenty battles that shaped Britain Historians select the most significant land clashes in British history – from Naseby and D-Day to Waterloo

30 Hitler’s philosophers Germany’s universities housed some of the Nazi party’s most influential cheerleaders, says Yvonne Sherratt

39 A matter of faith Martin Pugh outlines 10 key moments in the history of Britain’s relationship with the Islamic world

44 A familiar tragedy William Dalrymple tells Rob Attar that Britain’s current travails in Afghanistan have parallels in the past

50 The crushing of the Reich Peter Caddick-Adams describes the blood-soaked struggle for Stalingrad in the winter of 1942/43

56 The wealth of Henry I Could a medieval king impose heavy taxes on his people without sparking insurrection? Judith Green investigates



6 Letters

8 The big picture

10 Milestones: It happened in February

News 12 Breaking news

14 World news in context: Burma

29 Big days in history by Dominic Sandbrook

34 Changing times by Chris Bowlby

55 History on film by Fiona Reid

60 BBC History Magazine events

63 Book reviews 10 new history books reviewed

75 TV&Radio What’s on in February

Out&About 78 Where history happened: Circuses 84 Ten things to do in February 86 Ye olde travel guide: Calcutta 1905

Miscellany 93 Q&A: Your historical questions answered 96 Prize crossword and quiz: Win a signed copy of Churchill

98 My history hero by Howard Goodall

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