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the front

28 Threads: This month, Dazed salutes individuality with Herculean women, jungle fever and real disco

4 Rise: MZ STREAMZ The B’more femme fatale bringing girl power back to the game

6 New Designer: SIBLING London’s hottest menswear rebels

8 Rise: MATTHEW WEIR London’s master of darkness digs on his grandmother’s chintz

40 Insider: THE INVISIBLE EMPIRE Inside the sick heart of the Ku Klux Klan

42 Global: ABC TRUST Painting a brighter future for Brazil’s street kids


VOLUME 2 – ISSUE 73 – MAY 2009

44 Insider: DOOM The iconic masked rapper invites Dazed into his dark lair and waxes lyrical about beer, beats and Bukowski

The back

46 Fashion Archive: BILL GIBB Celebrating the infl uence of the cult 60s designer on today’s brightest fashion lights

48 Your History: CHRIS BLACKWELL The founder of Island Records talks breaking all the records, Bob Marley, U2 and more

1 8 Cult VIP: GRANT MORRISON The man who killed Batman, inspired The Matrix and created The Invisibles recalls a life of alternate realities, chatting to his creations and life imitating art

142 Q&A: DAVE GAHAN On the eve of Depeche Mode’s new album, the rock’n’roll survivor talks quitting dope, responsible parenting and coming back from the dead

144 Art: HUNG & DRAWN Adam Bartos shoots America’s backyard; David Ratcliff turns stencil masks into masterpieces; Scott Campbell tells us his tattoo parlour tales; all this month’s art news; plus previews of this month’s best exhibitions

146 Literature: BOUND & FLOGGED Brian Chikwava hides fi vers from hungry rodents; TBW bring the DIY ethic to publishing; Reif Larsen draws maps in the margins in The Selected Works of TS Spivet; plus reviews of four of this month’s unmissable reads

50 Fashion Upfront: Photographed by BEN TOMS Styled by ROBBIE SPENCER

56 Incoming: FASHION NEWS

68 Last Shot: ROGER BALLEN The photographer recalls a moment with a bloodthirsty snake

70 Fashion Forward: CHANEL / YVES SAINT LAURENT Photographed by SEAN & SENG Styled by KATIE SHILLINGFORD

148 Film: CUT & WRAPPED The United Nations comes under satirical fi re in In The Loop; Transylvanian revenge drama from Peter Strickland; art house hits Texas with the Marfa Film Festival; one lost soul chases another in Helen; sibling incest is explored in Delta; Charlie Kaufman gets neurotic in Synedoche, New York; plus reviews of this month’s best fi lms

152 Music: AGONY & ECSTASY Rainbow Arabia bring Cairo-fornia sounds to life; My Tiger My Timing leave their south London local to champion pop; My Toys Like Me bring the bi-polar mash-up; Hozac fuse porn and garage rock records; Blank Dogs comes out into the open; Bottle Up And Go get primitive; The Coathangers steal drumkits; Fryars creates a car crash mixtape; Jeremy Jay brings the slow dance grooves; Little Girls get into internet trouble; plus reviews of this months’ best and worst releases

159 Social: SEEN & SHOT Woke up this morning, got myself a beer...