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Inside The Wire 303 | May 2009

Kode9 photographed by Jake Walters

The Masthead 4

Letters 6

Bitstream 8 News and more from below the radar

Trip Or Squeek 9 Cartoon strip by Savage Pencil

Bites 10 Moondog, Pom Pom Records, martiensgohome’s bamboo USB stick, a new Velvet Underground bootleg

Charts 46

Out There 97 Festivals, concerts, gigs and club listings

Subscriptions 104

Reviews Index 47

Soundcheck 48 This month’s selected CDs, vinyl and downloads, including Mordant Music, Laurie Scott Baker, Borah Bergman Trio and a disc of spectral guitar inventions. Plus avant rock, critical beats, dub, electronica, global, hiphop, jazz & Improv, outer limit s, unusual formats and reissues

The Inner Sleeve 73 The Wedding Present’s Terry de Castro on Savage Pencil’s etched vinyl

Print Run 74 New music books, including Barney Hoskyns’s Tom Waits biography, a reggaeton reader and more

On Screen 76 Grails, the Cinema of Transgression and more on DVD

On Site 77 Gallery and mixed media events, including Ujino Muneteru’s mechanical music makers and Matt Stokes’s folkish film installations

On Location 78 Concert and festival reviews, including the BLOC Weekend and Instal festivals, Haswell & Hecker, Nadja and more

Belbury Poly 12 Ghost Box label founder Jim Jupp lifts the lid on his hauntological hobby. By Mark Fisher

The Hospitals 14 Adam Stonehouse busts his brand of outsider rock for frat parties turned sour. By Nick Richardson

Alexis O’Hara 16 Sense and stupidity collide in this hyperactive Canadian’s ‘stand up noise’ act. By Susanna Glaser

Lee Patterson 18 Nick Cain meets the Manchester improvisor who turns burning nuts and fizzing aspirin into audio gold

Global Ear Lima 20 Jace Clayton and Javier Martinez enter the Peruvian pirates’ paradise of the Polvos Azules shopping mall

Cross Platform Richard Foreman 22 The New York playwright and director saturates his experimental theatre with artful sound, from Philip Glass to John Zorn. By Alan Licht

Invisible Jukebox Mark Mothersbaugh 24 The Devo founder and film composer gets his swelling itching brain around The Wire’s mystery record box. Tested by Richard Henderson

Sublime Frequencies 28 Clive Bell reports on the tour featuring Syria’s Omar Souleyman and the Saharan Group Doueh, sponsored by Alan Bishop’s gonzo World Music label

Kode9 34 Celebrating five years of the Hyperdub label, the philosophy don of dubstep invites Derek Walmsley to a seminar on sonic warfare and futurist dance moves

The Primer Roland TB-303 40 From Phuture’s “Acid Tracks” to AFX’s Analord series, one abused Japanese bass synthesizer spawned an enduring electronic revolution. By Peter Shapiro

Epiphanies 106 Momus on the spiritual benefits of turning down the volume

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