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May 2016


The international bird of mystery is at last beginning to give up its secrets






6 Spring pearls

Celebrating the pearlbordered fritillary 8 May highlights Hedgehogs, minnows and oystercatchers are among this month’s species to spot 11 Nature table

The exoskeleton of a recently emerged dragonfly Plus Spanish bluebells 12 Wild events

Don’t miss the seasonal highlights of Loder Valley 14 Latest science research

Remarkable co-operation between warthogs and mongooses Plus Stonethrowing chimpanzees


18 Puffin puzzle solved!

How researchers are revealing where they go after they leave our shores 28 Could HS2 help wildlife?

Why the high-speed rail link represents an amazing opportunity for restoration 34 Pied flycatchers

They’re back from Africa and carving out territories

The secrets of bat pellets 11

38 Hoolock hoo-ha

Why India’s rare gibbons are worth all of the fuss 48 Wildflower glory

What goes into making a beautiful meadow 64 Delaware Bay’s secret

Why thousands of birds and hundreds of scientists flock to this avian Serengeti 72 Chris Packham

Don’t miss our revealing interview with the TV presenter and naturalist 78 Iberian lynx

This month’s Photo Story showcases amazing photos of this rarely seen species


55 Tiger experts divided

A leading scientist casts doubt on reports that the global population has risen 56 The jackal conundrum

Does the species qualify for protection in Europe? 57 My agenda

Meet the retired engineer protecting a chalk stream 58 Conservation insight

How tact and diplomacy are helping Barbary macaques 61 Mark Carwardine

The International Whaling Commission demystified 62 Analysis

Why less charismatic species need more attention

4 BBC Wildlife

May 2016

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