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NOVEMBER 1988 Volume LX Number 11

T h e G e o g r a p h i c a l M a g a z in e w a s f o u n d e d hy M i c h a e l H u x le y in 1935



The publishers of the magazine pay a licence fee to the Royal Geographical Society and this is assigned to a fund for the adv ancement of exploration and research and the promotion of geographical knowledge. The fund is administered by a board of ustees chaired by the President of the Royal ographical Society . Lord Chorlev and its rector, Dr. John Hemming.

Cover picture: Polar Eskimos in Greenland were taught to build igloos as hunting shelters by the Canadian Jnuit. Photograph: Bryan and Cherry Alexander.

Stephen Whitehorne

THE GEOGRAPHICAL MAGAZINE 27 Kensington Court London \\ 8 SDN

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Editor: Mark Ausenda Assistant Editor: Rachel Horner Art Editor: Sally Doust

Editorial Secretary: Rosahianea Ligios Editorial Consultant: David Gwyn Jones

ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT 27 Kensington Court London \X8 5DN Telephone: 01 937 2077 Advertisement Director: Ray Carmen Advertisement Manager: Raymond Lawrence Sales Executive: Helen Baker Accounts Manager: Michael Greely

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A n ew p u b l i s h e r f o r G e o g r a p h i c a l M a g a z in e

6 F R O N T IE R S

N ew s o f e x p e d i t io n s p a s t & p la n n e d

1 0 C a n a d a ’ s U -T u r n

The Inu it p r e p a r e to move back to th e ice

» T h e S e r p e n t in P a r a d is e

T he B hutanese a ttem p t to cope with to u r ism

2 1 T h e s t r u g g l e f o r s p a c e

E xpansion in Tokyo continues ad in f in itum

I » T h e la s t o f th e L ig h th o u s e k e e p e r s

T r in i ty House faces a com puterized fu tu re

3 4 M IG H T Y R IV E R S

T h e T ig r i s -E u p h r a t e s : a r iv e r o f c o n t e n t i o n

;8 G h a n a ’ s e m e r g e n c e

An ignom inous past: a golden fu tu re ?

David G uyn Janes

Mark Ausenda

Nigel de A Winser

B ryan & Cherry A lexander

Katie llickm an Tom Owen Edmonds

John Greenlees

Ch ristopher Nicholson

Mahmood C lo r

John Muir


R is in g D am p o f th e P h a r a o h s A p ro je c t to p re serve th e w o r ld ’s most fam ous tom bs

8 Grove Ash. Bletchley. Milton Keynes MK1 IB/ Telephone: (0908) 71981 4 9 JO U R N E Y S

Nigel Strudw ick

(C) The Geographical Ltd 1988

5 0 T H E W O R L D IN B O O K S

Publisher: Hyde Park Publications Ltd Directors: Paul Williams. Nicola Cutrera. Paolo Cutreri Distributors: Newstrade Link 1 5 4 G E O G R A P H E R S ’ W O R L D

Audi Spicer

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