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Vol 33 No 12

Founded by the Earl of Harewood


HAROLD ROSE NTHAL A lan Bl yt h, Rodney Milnes

Associate Editors Editorial Board Eli zabeth Forbes, Arthur Jacob s, Max Loppert ,

William Mann, C ha rles O sborn e, Andrew Porter Desmond Shawe-Taylor, John Warrack

Personal Assistam to the Editor Edi!Orial Offices Deidre Tille y 6 Woodland Rise, London N JO JUH

A 'Club' for Administrator s:

Sir John Tooley talks to Harold Ro senthal

Li geti's 'Le Grand Macabre' by Elgar Ho warrh

Covent Garden's 250th Birthda y

In the News

Christmas Books Suggestions by A lan Bly rh

12 24







Readers' Letters


Our Critics Abroad : Reports from Ital y, America, Australia, Brazil, Canada, C hil e, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland , New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal , South A frica, Spain, Swit zerland , USSR, and Yugos lavia 1247

COM ING EVE TS-SUPPLEMENT including plan s for Florence , Mi lan, Naples, Trieste, Turin , Monte Car lo; Festival s 1983; 'We hear that ... ' 125 7-1268

Record Reviews

Book Reviews



Christmas Competition

127 1

British Opera Diar y, including rev ie ws of 'The Ring ', 'Kho vanshchina ' and the Sutherland gala at Covent Garden; 'The Magic Flute ' at the Coliseum; 'Samso n et Dalila' in Leed s; Gl yndebourne Touring Opera 1301 Fringe and Student Performances 1313 C lassified Adverti sements 1319

Front cover: Sir John Toole y, General Director of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

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