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Augu t 2000 Volume 51 o 8

Ediwr John lli son Markeri11g Direcrnr lice Lindsay Ediwrial Assisw111 Daniel Summers Edi10rial Board Martin Bernhcimer Alan Blyth Hugh anning Andrew lark ndre,- lements Richard Fairman Michael Kenned Fiona Maddocks Rodney iln s( hairman) Roger Parker Andrew Porter

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Edirorial Offices 36 Black Li n Lane London W6 98 Telephone: 020 8563 8 93

ax: 020 563 8635 e-mail: WEB ITE:

929 931


cl vertising orders and copy t atherine Hawkin abbell Publishing Ltd Woodman Works 204 Durnsrord Road London W 19 DR Tel: 020 897 1 450 Fax: 020 8971 499

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Fron! Ol'er: hri tiane Oelze a.

usanna at Glyndebourne (photo: Mike Hoban)

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Fo1111dec/ l,y 1he Earl <~f'/-larewooc/

and Rodney Milnes era Off the rec rd By the Editor Unenchanted evening Andrew Porter at I ndeb urn s new 'Figar ' Readers· Lellers People 265: peight Jenkins Andrew Clark People's pera John Allison in I racl Working for the Wagners Keith Warner p ra ewsdesk nver ati n with raft Michael Tanner ' nlonio· George l oo1J1is on a forgotten anni er ar bituary Opera round the World: report~ rrom m rica rgenti na ran e, German I rael, Italy, ew Zealand, Taiwan

MI G E E TS S PPL ME T including plan for the new . ea n in Vi nna (Volk. oper), Brus els, Liege, Prague, Lyon, Pari ( pera- omi 1ue),

tra bourg, Berlin (Deut. che Oper), ~ I A i , Barcelona Opera b k Briti 11 Opera Diary: 'Radami to' at Opera rth, WNO' 'Turn or the crew' and ' armen'; 'M ister. inger' and ' rma' at o ent Garden; 'Jenufa' at Glyndebourn ; ' alome' at e ttish p ra; 'Ernani', 'Yevgeny Onegin' and ' ixon in hina' at E O; 'The Philo. opher' tone' in Hamp Lead· 'Beatric t B , ned i t' at th Barbican Opera on the fringe pera on tele i ion Opera on dis las iried adverti emenL I can't Ii e without. .. pera Michael Kennedy Orth

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