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Founded by the Ea,rl of Harewood

Vol 16 No 4

APRIL 1965

Editor: HA ROLD R O E I T RA L

Deputy Editor: A RT H · R J Ac o B s

Editorial Board : PH I L 1 P Ho P E - , , · A L L A c E

W I L L I A M M A N , A N D R E W P O R T E R D E S M ON D S H A W E - T AY LO R, E D M N D T R A C E Y



What Mozart Rea ll y Meant by Charles Mackerras page 240

Opera on the Gramophone : 15

Puccini's Trittico' by Edmund Tracey

·c an We H elp You?' by Peter Moores



·Fo r a theatre yet to be buiH . . .' by Horst Koegler


and other overseas reports from Germany, the United States, Austria. Belgium , Bulga ria , Holland, Ttaly, Yugoslavia COMING EVENTS - SUPPLEMENT 269

including Covent Garden Plans, 1965- 6. Summer Festivals, 1965 . 'We hear that . . . · and Home Opera House Calendar for April--May Obituary


Opera Fifty Years Ago - and Twenty-F ive Yea rs Ago

Record Reviews by Edmund T racey. Arthur Jacobs and

Harold Rosenthal Book Reviews by David Franklin. Stan ley Sadie and

Harold Rosenthal London Opera D ia ry includ ing review of T he Mi nes of Sulphur' tudent Performance Radio & TV Opera Readers· Letters





306 307 309

Clmsified adverrisem en!s are on p . 312

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