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March 2006 Volume 57 No 3

< ditor John Allison Marketing Director Alice Lindsay Deputy Editor Erica Jeal Subscriptions Manager Megan Jackson

Editorial Board Martin Bernbeimer Alan Blyth Hugh Canning Rupert Christiansen Andrew Clark ndrew Clements Richard Fairman Michael Kennedy Fiona Maddocks Rodney Milnes (Chai1111an) Roger Parker ndrew Porter

Editorial Offices 36 Black Lion Lane London W6 9BE 1' lephone: 020 8563 8893 Fax: 020 8563 8635 e-mail: Website:

Subscriptions telephone: 020 8748 09 l I Subscriptions e-mai I:

Adve,tising orders and copy to Jane Stoggle Cabbell Publi hing Ltd Tel: 020 8971 8450 Fax: 020 897 1 8480

Front cover: Birgit Nilsson as Salome (photo: Louis Mela111;:on)

era Founded in 1950 by the Earl of J-Jare111ood

Past Editors J-Jarold Rosenthal and Rodney Milnes

263 Sunset Boulevard

By the Editor 264 Birgit ilsson, 1918-2005

Regina Resnik, Astrid Varnay and Alan Blyth 267 Readers' letters 27 1 People 323: Rolando Yi ll az6n

Hugh Canning 278 VW, Verdi and the Bard

Michael Kennedy on Williams's Falstaff opera 283 ewsdesk 285 A real op ra composer

Kaija Saariah.o talks to Stephen Pet till about 'Adriana Mater' 289 A home from home

Anthony Freud talks to John Allison 293 Sweet eventy

Mark-Anthony Turnage salutes Richard Rodney Bennett on his 70th birthday 294 Opera around the world 342 Opera in Britain 35 J Opera on DVD 354 Opera on CD 360 Opera books 364 Coming events including plan forthe UK hou e , Buenos Aires, Adelaide, Chicago, Dallas, Hou ton, Lo Angele , Seattle; 'We hear that . .. '; Opera calendar home and abroad 383 Classified advertisements 384 Singers r membered: Alexander Young

Rodney Milnes

Opera, March 2006


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