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March 1994 Volume 45 No 3

Founded by the Ea rl of Harewood Ediwr 1953-86 Harold Rosenthal, OBE


Ediror Rodney Mi lnes Associare Editor Max Loppert Assis1nn1 Editor John Allison Administrative Direcror Deidre Tilley Edirorial Board Alan Blyth Hugh Canning Andrew Clark Andrew Clements Richard Fairman Elizabeth Forbes Noel Goodwin Arthur Jacobs Charles Osborne Andrew Porter Desmond Shawe-Taylor John Warrack

Edirorial Offices 1 a Mountgrove Road London N5 2LU Telephone: 071-359 1037 Fax: 071-354 2700

Advertising orders and copy to Jackson-Rudd & Associates (London North East) Ltd 2 Luke Street London EC2A 4NT Tel: 071-613 0717 Fax: 071 -613 1108 Advertisement Manager Brian R. Hook

267 Lord help us The Editor 268 Haitink-a happy birthday

Robert Henderson 274 Haitink 's Mozart-competition 275 Readers' Letters 277 Nunn in opera Michael Billington 281 Opera Newsdesk 284 Sylvia Fisher-congratulations! 285 People 198: Dennis O 'Ne ill

Elizabeth Forbes 293 Stage by stage Richard Law 296 Obituary 299 Opera Around the World: reports from America, Argentina, Austra li a , Canada, France, Germany, Ire land , Italy, Poland, Portugal, Sweden 313-328 CO 11 G EVENTS SUPPLEMENT

including plans for the UK houses, San Francisco. Lisbon ; Festivals; ·we hear that . .. ': Opera calendar home a nd abroad 357 British Opera Diary: ENO's 'Two

Widows' and 'Xerxes'; EBF's 'Orfeo': 'La traviata' and 'L'Etoile' in Leeds: 'Die Zauberflbte' in Glasgow: 'Carmen' and ·Elektra ' at Covent Garden 368 Opera on th e fring e 371 Opera on television 372 Opera on video 373 Opera on disc 377 Opera books 383-4 Classified advertisements

Front cover: Bernard Haitink (photo: C li ve Barda)

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