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Inside The Wire 304 | June 2009

Ornette Coleman photographed by Mark Mahaney

The Masthead 4

Letters 6

Bitstream 8 News and more from below the radar

Trip Or Squeek 9 Cartoon strip by Savage Pencil

Bites 10 Cut & Splice Festival’s Living Room series , Gareth Williams & Mary Currie, Louis Armstrong’s artworks, the Avant Garde Project

Charts 48

Out There 96 Festivals, concerts, gigs and club listings

Back Issues 100

Subscriptions 101

Reviews Index 49

Soundcheck 50 This month’s selected CDs, vinyl and downloads, including Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Trio, Tortoise and Robert Hood. Plus avant rock, critical beats, dub, electronica, hiphop, jazz & Improv, modern composition, outer limit s, unusual formats and reissues

The Inner Sleeve 75 Alex Neilson on Bob Dylan’s Planet Waves

Print Run 76 New music books on Heavy Metal and punk, the French music underground, Elder Utah Smith and more

On Screen 78 High Rise, Wilco and Henri Pousseur plus documentaries on dub and reggae sound systems on DVD

On Site 80 Gallery and mixed media events, including Sound By Artists and Sara Velas

On Location 81 Concert and festival reviews including Donaufestival and Ether, plus Merce Cunningham, Aaron Dilloway + Nate Young, PJ Harvey & John Parish and more

Bora Yoon 12 Robots and treated objects extend the KoreanAmerican’s vocal acrobatics. By Kurt Gottschalk

Arrington de Dionyso 14 The free folk visionary throws overtone singing, Fire Music and dance into the pot. By Daniel Spicer

Graham Lambkin 16 Nick Cain meets the former Shadow Ring member who’s using his home as a sound palette

Global Ear Sana’a 18 Robert Carroll discovers qat power is the biggest influence on Yemen’s ageless desert music

Cross Platform Equinox Festival 20 Raymond Salvatore Harmon tells Jack Sargeant about the magical traditions celebrated in London’s festival of esoteric music and film this month

Invisible Jukebox Andy Moor 22 The Ex guitarist grapples with The Wire’s anarchic record selection. Tested by Mike Barnes

The Caretaker 26 Ex-V/Vm prankster James Kirby converts pre-war nostalgia into modern-day haunted audio, healing emotional and political memory loss. By Mark Fisher

Dan Graham 30 Anne Hilde Neset uncovers the American artist’s musical connections, from Glenn Branca and Sonic Youth to fan worship, in his Rock My Religion film

Comus 34 Nearly 40 years after their demonic First Utterance scourged hippiedom, the vanished British progressive folk outfit are back from the woods. By Rob Young

Ornette Coleman 40 Music as medicine, sound as universal grammar: Phil Freeman hears the philosophy of the free jazz legend, curator of this month’s UK Meltdown Festival

Epiphanies 106 Erik Davis gets entangled in the sonic cobweb of György Ligeti’s awe-inspiring Requiem

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