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June 2006 Volume 57 No 6

Editor John A ll ison Marketing Director Alice indsay Deputy Editor Erica Jeal Subscriptions Manager Megan Jack on

Editorial Board Mrutin Bernheimer A lan Blyth Hugh Canning Rupert hri t ian en Andrew Clark Andrew Clements Richard Fairman Michael Kennedy Fiona Maddocks Rodney Milnes (Chairman) Roger Parker Andrew Porter

Editorial Offices 36 Black Lion Lane London W6 9BE Telephone: 020 8563 8893

ax: 020 8563 8635 e-mail: editor Website: ubscriptions telephone: 020 874 09 11

ub criptions e-mail: dvertising orders and copy to Jane toggles Cabbell Publishing Ltd Tel: 020 897 1 8450 Fax: 020 897 I 8480

Front co er: John Mark in ley in the tit le role of 'Orfeo' at E 0 (see pp. 724-5) (photo: atherine Ashmore)

era Founded in 1950 by the Earl of Harewood

Pas1 Editors Harold Rose111hal and Rodney Milnes

647 Shopping and cooking

By the Editor 648 Readers' le tter 650 A compulsive narrator

Julian Grant on the operas of Judith Weir 655 Three time lucky

Peter Jonas talks to John Alli on 667 ewsdesk 668 People 326: Soi le lsoko ki

Hugh Canning 674 Obituary 676 Opera around the world 7 J 4 Opera in Britain 735 Opera on CD 742 Opera on DVD 746 Opera book 748 Coming events including plan for the UK hou e (w ith the 2006-7 s asonatthe Barbican), Bru el , Munich, Lau anne, Taipei, ew York (NYCO); 'We hear that . .. '; Opera calendar home and abroad 767 Cla ified adverti ement 768 Singers remembered: Lea Seidl

Patrick O'Connor

Opera , June 2006

64 1

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