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care of the world and could in collaboration with people whom he tru ted-who were free of political motive and machination - imply make mu ic, and make mu ic dramatically with convincing effect.

He wa for Glyndebourne a great Mu ic Director. And he i a great friend .

John Cox Bernard made hi Glyndebourne debut in 1972, which wa the year I became it Director of Production. Over the next 15 year we did eight production together, all but two of them new, and while I could never claim to have been very clo e to Bernard we eemed to be compatible. The then traditional Glyndebourne etho uited him. He i a quiet man with a steady, if nece ary tubborn, purpo e. He believe in the sanctity of the rehear al proces , that it i collaborati ve and that there i no ub titute for being there in per on. Working be ide him ha a ecurity to it , like being at sea ( one often i at rehear al) with a good helm man. The degree of tru t that he repo e in hj director i uch that it become a point of honour to get it right in time for the orche tral stage rehear al . Then hi mu ical vi ion can take over. 'StarryVere', I uppo e, withaboatload ofdi ver e talent all trainingforthe perfect voyage: Gesamtkunstwerk; opera at it be t; why we do it.

For two of our productions we had David Hackney a de igner and of the e The Rake '.s Progress has become a bit of a cla ic. Bernard in i ted on conducting every revival while he wa at Glyndebourne. We tri ed to add Haydn to the canon with La fede lta premiata, a delightful work which uited Glyndebourne perfectly, but which proved to be a one-off in pite of Bernard's deft and witty handling. We hould have per isted. Then we did three by Richard Strau s, enabling Bernard to bring to the opera hi pecial affi ni ty with the late Romantic orche tra. (Watching rum once conduct a Bruckner symphony without a core wa an emotionally hattering experience.) Hi

• John Cox'.s production of'The Rake 's Progress' at Glyndebourne, in a 1978 revival, with (/. tor.) John Michael Flanagan (Trulove), Felicity Lott (Anne), Leo Goeke (Tom), Katherine Pring ( Baba) and Samuel Ramey (Nick Shadow)

Opera, July 2002


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