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th e fashion

92 Photographed by matt irwin Styled by robbie spencer

102 Photographed byvenetia scott Styled by alister mackie

the cover

Gaspard Ulliel wears suit by PRADA; jacket by TOM FORD

Photographed bySøLVe Sundsbø Styled by JAcob K


volume 2 – issue 74 – june 2009

th e Main stories

66 SEX TOYS We reveal the real reason why male scientists have been furtively creating sexy androids in Japanese laboratories

68 21st Century BoyRomain Kremer France’s rebellious young menswear talent gets wild with neon, plastic and fur

112 Photographed by mark pillai Styled bykatie shillingford

76 White Heat white denim Frantic experimental Texan power trio White Denim invite Dazed into their desolate studio to talk hype, friendships, and second album nerves

80 Going Country UK Gangs Author John Heale exposes the gangs that are taking their business out of the city and into the sticks

86 French Playboy Gaspard Ulliel The young acting sensation makes the transition into manhood and takes on the world