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Issue 73, 2nd Quarter 2016

3 From the Editor James Garvey

4 News Kerrie Grain

8 Uncomfortable Viewing A M Ferner

Opinions 14 The Five Perameters Rupert Read

22 Want to Be Good at Philosophy? Peter Boghossian and James A. Lindsay

28 The Skeptic Wendy M. Grossman

Thoughts 30 Remebering Hilary Putnam Lindsay Waters

33 Is Whiteness Really Real? Linda Martín Alcoff

41 Making Sense of Smell Ann-Sophie Barwich

48 When is it OK to Compromise? Mark D. White

54 Nicolas Malebranche Lawrence Harvey

The Forum: Effective Altruism 58 Introduction James Garvey

60 From “Famine, Affluence and Morality” to Effective Altruism Peter Singer

62 Risky Giving Theron Pummer

71 Being Right on the Money Hilary Greaves

77 From Charity to Justice Rachelle Bascara

84 Should it be More Affective? Samantha Earle and Rupert Read

92 Philosophical Critiques Jeff McMahan

Reviews 100 Can’t Everyone Just Comb Down? Jean Kazez

103 Teaching Plato in Palestine Taneli Kukkonen

105 Beyond the Abortion Wars Travis Timmerman

108 Transformative Experience Rachel McKinnon

110 Freedom Regained Tamler Sommers

112 The Stone Reader David Edmonds

119 What the Critics Said A. M. Ferner

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