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July 2016

Features 26 Blair: the reckoning

Tony Blair still offers a vigorous defence of military action.

Arts & books 68 Was the Terror necessary?

The radicalism of the French Revolution needed to be controlled.

Opinions 14 “Quitting is not the British way” , plus ’ cartoon strip 15 David Davis: “I can imagine running for Tory leader again” 16 Brexit roulette

34 Reprieve for the BBC

Despite the government’s hostility, the corporation is on a roll. 40 Hillary’s game

Clinton’s foreign policy is more a set of impulses than a doctrine.

72 How poor nations succeed

A successful neighbour helps, but not as much as a growing population. 74 On eating a radioactive sandwich

Svetlana Alexievich’s extraordinary work records Russia’s lost voices.

18 A three-part crisis

19 The stuck economy

20 What Hillary can learn from Bernie

20 China’s gay children

22 Tennis: the best sport

23 When politics gives out a bad smell

The Prospect Duel 24 Is it anti-Semitic to boycott Israel?

44 The shock of free trade

Free trade has brought great benefits— but don’t ignore the downsides. 50 A universal basic mistake

Basic income—a bad idea. 54 Skyscrapers amid the rubble

Beirut has a lethal glamour. 58 The day that killed optimism

A century a er the Battle of the Somme, a new collection of images shows the battle as never seen before.  64 A Valhalla state of mind

Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle dramatises the eternal conflict between political power and human love.

78 The man who stirred a hornets’ nest

Writing a Millennium Trilogy sequel le David Lagercrantz wealthy but hated. 80 Books in brief

Life 82 Leith on life

82 Life of the mind

83 Matters of taste

84 Wine 84 DIY investor

Endgames 87 The generalist crossword

87 Enigmas & puzzles

88 The way we were

Eccentric weddings.

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