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News 6 Week in review A guide to the past seven days in the Catholic world 8 Home news Bishops’ agency seeks funds to feed 10 million Ethiopians 12 World news Pope expresses horror after Orlando massacre 16 News focus Will the Vatican come to terms with financial transparency?

Comment THE BREXIT DEBATE 19 The EU is neither democratic nor Christian, Jacob Rees-Mogg tells Madeleine Teahan 20 Voting remain is an ethical duty, says Lord Deben 21 Sir William Cash argues that Brexit is the greatest moral issue of our times 23 Fr Ashley Beck on why leave supporters should heed St Thérèse of Lisieux 24 Let’s put Tower of Babel grandiosity behind us, says Iain Duncan Smith 25 Despite everything, we should stay, says Thérèse Coffey 26 Interview Nicky Gumbel tells Jane Taylor what evangelisation and cycling have in common

Catholic Brexiteers and Remainians vie for your vote Page 19-25

Pope Francis is right to take on our selfie obsessed culture Page 29

Why Nicky Gumbel isn’t worried about church numbers Page 26

28 Feature David Mills puts in a good word for the Index of Prohibited Books 29 Comment Spare a thought for widows on June 23, says Mary Kenny 31 Letters and emails

Arts and life 32 Film Will Gore is dazzled by an animated Arctic adventure 35 Books The Crusader kingdoms were dooomed by a lack of male heirs, says Stav Sherez 39 Spiritual life Pastor Iuventus discovers that the Curia is not a nest of vipers 40 Catholic Life 42 Bishops’ engagements 43 Crossword 44 Charterhouse I just can’t decide about the EU, says Philip Booth 47 The Last Word Fr Ronald Rolheiser on the commandment of Jesus that almost no one obeys Cover image: Christian Adams

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