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For an A l people


When our forefathers drank beer with their beef, they knew by instinct that this hearty beverage, the produce of their own harvesting, was the best thing they could drink —not merely best to their taste, but also best lor their health. What they did by instinct we have very excellent reason for copying to-day. For we know why beer is best. We knowthat the barley-malt from which beer is brewed —and the choicest of all ‘malting quality’ barley is reserved for brewing — is a sovereign digestive. We also know that it is as powerful a source of energy as Nature provides, by virtue of its high sugar content. This indeed is the stuff that athletes train on, taking it as sugar, as malt-extract, or — lucky men !—as beer. Beer for good digestion, then, and beer for energy, and, thanks to the pleasant bitter flavour imparted by the hop, beer for appetite too. So now you know why beer is best. Let every one of us profit by that knowledge in the movement to build up a sturdy, A i people.

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