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Gillian Clarke responds to Dylan Thomas



Kate Compston


magma poetry competition


close reading Kathryn Gray reviews Ian Duhig, Claire Askew and Andy Willoughby 69

Ian McEwen reviews Barbara Cumbers, Martin Stannard and Matthew Caley 72

Pippa Little reviews Martin Figura, Anne-Marie Fyfe and Andrew Shields 76

Rob A Mackenzie reviews Lisa Matthews, Judy Brown and Adam Crothers 80

the articles

The state poetry is in

Will Self


Poetry in Che Guevara’s Revolution

Jane R Rogers


Do we still need memorable poems? 45 Laurie Smith the poems

The revolution is personal too The Terminal Waiting Room 8 Eric Paul Shaffer Sentences for the American Citizenship Examination: A Villanelle Approved by the Department of Homeland Security 9 Eric Paul Shaffer The Nagasaki Elder 10 Antony Owen Executive Electoral Elocution 10 Henrik Hoeg The New Regime 11 Simon Jackson The Tale of the Turkish Carpet 12 Jacqueline Saphra What’s New for You in 2015? 14 Jacqueline Saphra Stopping the War 15 Helena Nelson Mistress and Maid 16 Jekwu Anyaegbuna Griots 17 Cora Greenhill Khamsin on Bayswater 17 Claudine Toutongi Androids 18 Jide Salawu Last Season 34 Catriona Knapman Independence Day 35 Laura Chalar

There are weeks when decades happen Scold 36 Kate Noakes Revolt 36 Kyle Cooper The Toppled Dictator’s Head is Put on Display 37 Michael Conley Stamp 38 Pnina Shinebourne And Lenin came yesterday 38 Pnina Shinebourne Old Bolshevik poet with nuthatch 39 James Sutherland Smith magma poetry competition


Thinking with Goya’s They Descend Quarrelling 40 Lucy Ingrams You Always Wished the Animals Would Leave 41 Maya C Popa Skiing 42 Soul Patel Weep Up 43 Maggie Smith Trajectory 43 Paul Bregazzi Succinct 44 Barbara Hickson


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