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Contemporary Health Studies An Introduction LOUISE WARWICK-BOOTH, RUTH CROSS & DIANE LOWCOCK All of Leeds Beckett University ‘This is a key companion to understanding and debating today’s contemporary health issues in both learning and practical settings. Engaging and accessible, this topical textbook is an essential buy for students and health professionals interested in health and its many dimensions.’ Nova Corcoran, University of Glamorgan ‘An excellent introduction to the many facets of health studies … I recommend this book to all health professionals, students of health studies, public health and behavioural sciences.’ Nursing Times Contemporary Health Studies: An Introduction provides a lively and accessible introduction to the current issues and key debates in this area. It contains a strong, up-to-date, global, social-scientific focus examining the human experience of health, particularly emphasizing its social, political and environmental dimensions. The book’s diverse content is usefully divided into three main parts. Part one sets the scene looking closely at the definition of health studies and the debates surrounding the concept of health. Part two explores different disciplines underpinning health studies including chapters such as sociology, psychology, anthropology and health promotion. Part three of the book explores the determinants of health and contains chapters on individual factors influencing health, policy influences on health, public health and the global context of health. Each chapter:  opens with a list of key learning outcomes;  contains topical learning tasks;  poses questions for reflection and debate;  provides an in-depth case study to summarize the key arguments made. Contemporary Health Studies: An Introduction will inspire readers to consider the human experience of health within contemporary global society as it is mediated by individual, societal and global contexts. Please visit the accompanying website at 246 x 171mm / 392 pages / 2012 978-0-7456-5021-0 hb £64.99, $79.95, €93.90 978-0-7456-5022-7 pb £19.99, $34.95, €28.90

Health Inequality An Introduction to Concepts, Theories and Methods Second Edition MEL BARTLEY University College London At a time when social inequalities are increasing at an alarming rate, this new edition of Mel Bartley’s popular book is a vital resource for understanding the extent of health inequalities and why they are proving to be persistent despite decades of growing knowledge and policies on the issue. As in the first edition, by examining cultural influences and class, income and wealth levels, gender and ethnicity, among other factors, this accessible book provides a key to understanding the major theories and explanations of what lies behind inequality in healthcare: behavioural, psychosocial, material and life-course approaches. Evaluating the evidence of health outcomes over time and at local and national levels, Bartley argues that the individual level demands closer attention if health inequality is to be tackled effectively, revealing the important part that identity plays in relation to the chances of a long and healthy life. Health Inequality will be essential reading for students taking courses in the sociology of health and illness, social policy and welfare, health sciences, public health and epidemiology and all those interested in understanding the consequences of social inequality for health. 229 x 152mm / 260 pages / Nov 2016 UK / Dec 2016 US 978-0-7456-9109-1 hb £55.00, $69.95, €79.90 978-0-7456-9110-7 pb £17.99, $29.95, €25.90 ebook available


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