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When Saturday Comes No 354 August 2016

England players outnumber Wales’ Gareth Bale four to one in Lens regulars 5 Editorial It doesn’t matter who the FA appoint as

Englandmanager,nothingwillchangeduntil theyfixtheirentirestructure

10 Shot! From huge f lags in the streets to luminous boots on the benches, a journey around Euro 2016 i n photo s

13 Harry Pearson column You go into it with the best intentions but t he r e i s no h a rde r j ob i n f ootba l l t h a n managing a group of under-tens

45 Letters “At the risk of alienating myself from fellow readers, I write in defence of the over-used footballing phrase ‘in and around’”

When you zoom in on a handful of fans throwing chairs so that nothing else appears, you give the impression the entire city is under siege A view from Lille p30

FEATURES 6 Groupmentality Euro 2016 begins as it means to go on – late goa l s , r obu s t de f end i ng a nd t he hope t h at Robbie Savage’s mic will one day stop working

14 Exit strategy Roy Hodgson’s best days for England were also his earliest and he leaves a confused legacy; the country gets the national team it deserves

16 Looking for trouble No one who has followed Russian fan culture wa s s u r pr i s ed by t he v iol ence i n F r a nce

18 Enter the dragons Gareth Bale and co kept the fun going this s ummer, now t hey need t o t a ke i t t o 2018

20 Broadcasting standards The BBC went for a slow-but-steady, low-key approach; where’s the ITV we love to loathe?

24 Collectors’ items Keep an eye out for crisp packets from 1966 –

they could be worth something

26 It’s a knockout Portugal plod through an unbalanced second round as Martin Keown tries a French accent

30 You had to be there Things in Lille weren’t as bad as reported but England fans won’t be welcomed back; UEFA’sFunEventshamperedenjoyment

Mark Lawrenson’s contributions were those of a man who has been made to witness human stupidity by a ghost before he can die Television coverage p20 reinaldo CoDOU H.

32 The old and the new G e r many h ave made r e ac h i ng t he s em i - f i n a l s dull; Iceland come in from the cold

34 Irish blessings Northern Ireland enjoy their party;

worrying signs for the Republic’s future

36 The final two France’s disappointment was brief;

Portugal proved they aren’t a one-man team

40 Making an entrance The showpiece match which marked Britain joining the European Economic Community

42 US and them The Copa América Centenario had its problem s but t he pote nt i a l r ema i n s huge

43 Question and answer Take part in the WSC s u r ve y a nd w i n a T- sh i r t

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