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current archaeology number 82

In this issue.

Roman affairs dominate this issue, with a town, a fort and a villa. We also have a major survey of archaeology in south-west Wales, looking at raths and standing stones.

In the Diary we look at The Ancient Monuments Act brought into force, The British Archaeological Awards, The Palaeolithic returns to fashion, and The Vikings in England exhibition.

Around 270, there was a crisis at Silchester: the town council had run out of money, so they decided to turn the town hall over to metalworking. Dr Michael Fulford describes his excavations in the Basilica and Amphitheatre

In south-west Wales, the Dyfed Archaeological Trust has been carrying out two major projects. First we look at their work on Small Enclosures, ranging from the Bronze Age to the Early Christian period, with excavations at Drim and Castel Henllys.

Their other project on Standing Stones shows that these are not always the solitary features that they appear to be, but are often parts of complex ritual monuments.

In Books we turn to theoretical archaeology and look first at two biographies of Gordon Childe and then at two books about the late David Clarke. We also look at The Rites of the Gods, and Rudston Roman Villa.

The Roman fort at Bearsden, on the outskirts of Glasgow, presents a mystery: why is there no headquarters building? Here, Dr David Breeze describes the bath-house which is now on display, and elucidates the problems of the missing buildings. There is also a fascinating analysis of Roman sewage.

At Piddington, just outside Northampton, a large Roman villa is currently being excavated by one of our foremost amateur groups. We also look briefly at their earlier excavations at Quinton, now fully published, and revealing a Roman settlement abandoned around 170 AD.

Finally, Letters deal with the Orphic mosaic at Littlecote, Treasure Trove, and The Geology of Jet.

Cover photo: excavations in progress at Silchester, looking down the length of the basilica in summer, 1981.

323 Diary

326 Silchester by Michael Fulford

332 Wales: Small Enclosures 335 Castell Henllys 337 Standing Stones

340 Books

343 Bearsden by David Breeze

348 Piddington 350 Letters

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