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Contents 100 Canterbury

124 Mortimer Wheeler and the

St Gregory's Priory was founded by the Norman Archbishop Lanfranc with a rich endowment of Anglo-

Saxon saints.

Volunteer A Report of the speech by Martin Biddle at the celebrations of the centenary of Sir Mortimer Wheeler's birth.

142 Letters A4, After A-levels, Experimental Archaeology, Education and the IFA, Archaeology in the National Parks and Scientific Archaeology.

107 Jerusalem The tomb of Christ is in danger of falling down, following an earthquake in 1927. Martin Biddle has been doing a photogrammetric survey of the monument.


Science Diary John Musty looks at preserving bones,

the Bayeux tapestry Magdalenean paint, the British Museum laboratory new books by Tony Clark and Martin

Aitken, Earbones and remembers lone Gedye.


The second Educational supplement describes the latest news from universities, and a report on the place of archaeology in the National

Curriculum for history.

113 Diary

Is there an archaeological slump? The

CBA seeks new Director; British Archaeological Reports; The Awards seek new Secretary; and a report on the British Archaeological Awards,


129 Gamston The excavation of an Iron Age farmstead in the Trent Valley.

133 High Lodge, Mildenhall Latest research by the British Museum offers a solution to the problems of this classic Palaeolithic site.

Cover photo The tomb of Christ: the ceremony of the Holy Fire, Easter Saturday 1990,

photographed by Martin Biddle.

116 The Current Archaeology Interview

John Collis, the newly appointed Professor of Archaeology at Sheffield recalls boyhood digging in Winchester and Owlsebury and his more recent work on the Iron Age of

Central France.

139 Books

The Book of the Year Award 1990, including Saxon London, Fortress Britain, Post Medieval Archaeology,

and Archaeology, Economy and Society. There is also a brief list of some of the books we have received.

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