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Top right. The boat as first discovered: the completed excavation of the central section, with the contractor's sump that first revealed the vessel to the top.

Below. How the boat was held together: detail of one of the yew-wood 'stitches' that held the planks together.

Above. The main road through Dover is being widened, and the sewers are being rebuilt. The coffer dam in the foreground marks the place where the Bronze Age boat is being discovered.

A large Bronze Age boat has recently been discovered at Dover. This is similar to the boats discovered on the side of the River Humber at Ferriby by EV Wright, just before and after the war; both are in a similar technique, where the planks are 'sewn' together by withies. Both the Ferriby boats, and the new Dover boat are presumably the same age, that is Bronze Age. Here Keith Parfitt, of the Canterbury Archaeological Trust, reports.


IN 1991, a major ne w road wa s constructed throug h Dover. At th e same time , muc h o f th e town' s Victorian sewage system wa s


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